Aug 20, 2011

Pack Break: 2011 Heritage Blister Pack or is this enough wood for a ski lodge?

Here's another blister pack that allows the card accumulation to continue.  No, seriously, there needs to be some type of group which begins with "cards" and ends with "anonymous".  You know that last scene from the Transformers cartoon pilot episode in which Megatron is sinking into the lava?  I am like that right now except I'm not really burning from the lava, and my lava would be considered pieces of cardboard, foil, chrome of various luminescence properties.  My hand is straining, reaching for some salvation from the piling around me.  I've come up with one solution so far.....800 count boxes as far as the eye can see.

23 Carlos Lee
373 Carlos Gonzalez
74 Hanley Ramirez
257 Scott Kazmir
271 Jeremy Jeffress
458 Ian Kennedy SP-did you know he was 15-4 this year?

334 Tampa Bay Rays-a team card with over half the team being gone from 2010 to 2011.  Spot the incumbent and win a prize.

10 Andrew McCutchen
11 Joe Nathan

109 Ted Lilly
141 Babe's Twilight Years-The Babe has been left to don the uniform of the cellar dwelling Boston Braves of 1935.  He was promised a chance to manage, and it never materialized.  He had one moment of glory with the Braves, a 3 HR game in the Pirates' Forbes Field.  The 1935 Braves were a bad team.  They only had one above average hitter (the former rookie year HR record holder, Wally Berger).  In only 28 games played, Ruth was 2nd on the team in HR.    The pitchers were not good...last in ERA and strikeouts.  One immerorable season was represented by Ben Cantwell, 4-25 with 4.61 ERA with 44 BB vs. 34 K, and he probably was the 2nd best pitcher on the team.  Not a team that a legend is generally associated with.  An interesting depiction on cardboard nonetheless.

188 Freddy Sanchez
331 Mike Leake
New Age Performers Jim Thome-it's an insert.....that's not chrome....of a 600 HR club member

65 Robinson Cano
79 Jordan Zimmermann
396 Carlos Gonzalez AS
288 Mike Stanton-a giant image for a giant rookie trophy

177 JA Happ
180 Jim Thome
49 Jordan Brown
355 Brian Matusz
89 Jake Peavy
105 Max Scherzer
146 Placido Polanco
344 Fernando Salas-I just wanted to show how weird the concept is to have two rookie card designations.

71 Jonathan Sanchez

And the reason to buy Heritage in this form, the black-bordered parallels, with the recounting of the sale of a legend.
C37 Corey Hart
C4 Miguel Cabrera
C28 Babe Joins Yanks


Fuji said...

Love me some wood... well, you know what I mean. Okay... I'd better clarify... love me some 1962 Topps baseball.

Dave H said...

Wow, Babe didn't look so good in his twilight years. I think I preferred the look of John Goodman.