Feb 27, 2009

Dreaming of Topps Heritage....

...literally. Just before I woke up yesterday, I had a dream involving collating a master set of Topps Heritage. I was on a bus in a dusty town somewhere in rural America. Everyone seemed to be a little downtrodden on the bus as we traveled along a bumpy road. There was no music or videos on the bus, only the sound of the engine and the sudden crying of a middle-aged woman behind me. She began to exclaim aloud, "I can't afford that. I only have 6 shortprints. I was only able to get one box." I need 100 shortprints to get what I desire. I was going to turn around and ask what she desired, but I didn't have the nerve. Instead, I started thinking..."I don't have any shortprints. What can I offer her? I don't even have any base cards. The Heritage has not reached my sphere of influence."

A man stood up at the front of the bus and came towards me. He says, "I have to get off the bus. Can you lend me some shortprints so I can get to the next town?" I reply, "But I have none, I don't expect a box until next week at the earliest. And then I'll only have six for myself. That won't be enough for anybody." He started shaking me, "I need the shortprints, I need them, just a few more. I can have the set....I'll do anything."

And then he shook me back into the waking world....I have no Heritage...and the shortprints always give me nightmares.

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