Oct 18, 2013

Hockey's Back in Season, Not that the Flyers Noticed....Signed, a Disgruntled Philadelphia Sports Fan (Who Has Hockey Cards)

Even though I'm deeply involved in the baseball playoffs, I'm also an avidly involved hockey fan. As the second round of the league championship series come to an end, there is less and less baseball every day.

What is a baseball fan to do that tries to watch three games at once every day in order to fill his time? Well, turn to the next best thing that happens on weekday nights....and in this case, for me, it would be turn to the sport that bleeds winter.

Where I live though has no true winter, so when December comes around, I stand in front of the cold room at work to get into the hockey mood.

But it;s only October now, so it feels like they should be skating on leaves instead of ice.

Baseball card season is a different story.  It's never not baseball card season. There seems to be so many sets released at the end of the year.....does it never end?  I will never finish the Phillies collector checklist!  The shame...the horrrrrrrrrror!

Oh well, to cope I decided to get some hockey cards to remind me of simpler times....when strapping on goalie pads on an ice covered driveway and purposefully sliding on them into people's knees was considered good defense.

Check out these rookies from five years ago.  This was a box set of 2007-2008 Upper Deck Rookie Class....I have a weakness for box sets, they're all boxed up and ready to sort, and there's never a missing number.  I like when the numbers go in order; it makes me feel all happy inside, like the time when I realized how rally caps actually work had nothing to do with the hat.

Ok, for real....here's the cards.
Nicklas Backstrom, Caps: Considered one of the most underrated players in the league because he's a defensive center that plays with that Ovechkin guy (reigning MVP and all that).
Erik Johnson, Blues: Originally noteworthy because he's an American who was chosen 1st overall in the NHL entry draft.  It's a tough sign to carry, and even tougher as a defenseman.
Ryan Parent, Flyers: I don't remember seeing him play, but it's a Flyers rookie, weeeee.
Sam Gagner, Oilers: One of the elder statesman of the Oilers at 24 years old, he's best known for scoring 8 points in a game in 2012, only the 13th player to ever do that in the NHL.
Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks: He's the youngest member of the Triple Gold Club (Olympic Gold Medal, World Championship Gold Medal, Stanley Cup)...very disappointing career so far.
Carey Price, Les Canadiens: He started an all-star game in Montreal, but has had bad luck with injuries.  Surprisingly anonymous for a Canadian/Canadien goalie.
David Krejci, Bruins: Was sidelined with the swine flu in 2009, but won the Golden Stick award (best Czech player) in 2013.....also won a Stanley Cup.
Patrick Kane, Blackhawks: This card was a set topper and is about 4x6 or so.   I was lucky enough to get the rookie of this dual Stanley Cup champion and Conn Smythe trophy award winner.

I still feel warm.

Oct 16, 2013

Roy Halladay: The (2012 National Treasures) Book is Unwritten

.....the 2012 National Treasures card only has a pinstripe swatch and very few words (see what I did there?)

There's nothing more frustrating to see a player who was dominant fall off a proverbial performance cliff whether because of injury, age, or both.  Roy Halladay's starts were an experience that I signed up for and put aside time for when he first joined the Phillies in 2010.

And now, as he walked off the mound for the last time during the 2013 season after barely gutting out 15 pitches, it is uncertain about both where he stands as a pitcher and as a future member of the Phillies.

The images of Halladay look the same on the surface, but the performance differences are stark, when comparing his stats from his time of greatness to the present day.

Regardless, this card is great, and it would make a nice storytime book.

No one knows what the future holds because the back page is blank.