Oct 16, 2013

Roy Halladay: The (2012 National Treasures) Book is Unwritten

.....the 2012 National Treasures card only has a pinstripe swatch and very few words (see what I did there?)

There's nothing more frustrating to see a player who was dominant fall off a proverbial performance cliff whether because of injury, age, or both.  Roy Halladay's starts were an experience that I signed up for and put aside time for when he first joined the Phillies in 2010.

And now, as he walked off the mound for the last time during the 2013 season after barely gutting out 15 pitches, it is uncertain about both where he stands as a pitcher and as a future member of the Phillies.

The images of Halladay look the same on the surface, but the performance differences are stark, when comparing his stats from his time of greatness to the present day.

Regardless, this card is great, and it would make a nice storytime book.

No one knows what the future holds because the back page is blank.

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