Nov 30, 2010

Pyramid Contest: Tier 2 is Upon Us

OK, I wasn't exactly forthcoming with the preview for Tier 2 in the previous post; it will actually be for the last tier (4) because it could be complicated to achieve. Instead, the task at hand for those who strive to enter is a simple one.

1) Leave a comment on this post.
2) In that comment, state which was your favorite set from 1993-1996 (to collect, to look at, as an inspiration, etc or however you want to phrase it), what I like to call the Junior High Years, and articulate at least one reason why. (one of these days I will finish that countdown, by the way)
3)Wait for the random generator to do its work.
4)Await your prize.

The comment gets you one entry in the randomization.

Mentioning it where other people can see (blog or something similar) will get you another entry (please leave a link or other type of evidence at this post).

For those who have already entered Tier 1 (the previous trivia contest), you have an automatic additional entry into this one as well. (you can still do the previous two items for two additional entries for a total of 3).

And what is the prize, you may ask? Well, it's something semi-large, square, and probably has never been in my kitchen.....

An unopened wax box of 1993 Fleer Flair, one of the progenitors of the '90s superpremium insanity.

So, happy commenting!

Nov 15, 2010

Pyramid Tier 1 Contest Results and Trivia Answers

As the 6 of you that have entered this first contest were the only ones who are hanging on the edge of the seats for the answers, I will provide them forthwith along with the long awaited results. After that, a mini-preview of Tier 2 will be shown.

The official answers:

1. Phillies
2. shorter
3. Baltimore Orioles
4. Mets, Cubs, Rangers
5. The Vet
6. Missouri
7. yes, in 1983
8. right handed, though I play pool with my left hand
9. The biggest surprise of all, Barry Bonds
10. I didn't get into this until middle school, so 1994 Score was the first I completed.
11. 1999 Bowman
12. 1981
13. Unfortunately, only 10 (to see a game)...The Vet, Citizens Bank Park, Memorial Stadium, Camden Yards, Busch Stadium, Kingdome, AT&T Park, Oakland Coliseum, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park
14. 19 years old, she was a good persuader.
15. Someone that was the best player in RBI Baseball 2, Rickey Henderson

The results including the contest linking bonus(in order of entrance)

Dustin: 9 points
night owl: 13 points
Play at the Plate: 10 points
cubsfan731: 10 points
BA Benny: 14 points
FanofReds: 18 points

So, congratulations to FanofReds, BA Benny, and night owl! You will all receive a prize package. Please e-mail me your address and team of choice and I will start the search through my collection.

Some correct answers which were hard to get that some people got:

night owl guessed the age to which my mother persuaded the ushers at the Vet that I was under 15.
Dustin was the only one to get points for the year of my first hand-collated set.
Play at the Plate got the year of the oldest pack I opened.
BA Benny got 2 of the 3 Little League teams I played for and the year of cards from which I pulled my first auto.
FanofReds got the team of the first hat I bought and the number of stadiums I have attended in person.

I hope it was fun to learn a little about me.


For tier 2, the prize will be larger. Those who have entered Tier 1 will get a leg up of some kind (as soon as I finish figuring out the scoring system)

Consider this scan the preview of what is to come, and get ready to be creative later this week.

Nov 12, 2010

The HOF veteran's Committee Ballot is out: It's time to feed the obsession. Also, a contest reminder.

First, a reminder. The contest is open until this Sunday at 11:59. Here's the link to leave a comment. If you enter this one for this small prize, larger ones are coming (this is why it's the Pyramid Contest with levels or tiers), and you will get a leg up in the future.

As an additional incentive, if you advertise on your blog (please reference the link here or in the original post), you will get 3 additional points. And if more than 10 people enter, the prize package will be expanded.
As always, thanks for reading!

The Veteran's Committee HOF ballot came out for the "expansion era" from 1973-present. It includes players, managers, owners, and off-field contributors. There are two questions to this format.

Who defines the expansion era as after 1973? I think of the expansion era of post-1961 when, you know, they added expansion teams. Or maybe post-1969 would be more apropos since that's when more expansion occurred and divisional play began.

Also, aren't the players in a separate area of the Hall of Fame. They had it right before when they separated off-field contributors and managers from players. They are distinct HOF categories according to the institution itself.

Here's the list:

Marvin Miller, Vida Blue, Dave Concepcion, Steve Garvey, Ron Guidry, Tommy John, Al Oliver, Ted Simmons and Rusty Staub, Pat Gillick, Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner

There will be a committee composed of former players, owners, and writers to determine who will be in the class of 2011. To be elected, they have to appear on at least 75% (or 12) of the 16 ballots cast.

In terms of players who were included on the ballot, I am in agreement with Ted Simmons, Tommy John, Ron Guidry, Al Oliver to be included.

I think there are other names out there for this era as shown in my previous Profile Derby Posts shown here such as Bret Saberhagen, Graig Nettles, Keith Hernandez, Darrell Evans, Willie Randolph, Buddy Bell, Jerry Koosman, Dan Quisenberry, Dave Stieb, Bobby Grich, Dwight Evans, and Reggie Smith.

Other names that will be featured in future posts include Bobby Bonds, Jack Clark, Lou Whitaker, and Sal Bando.

In addition, these names were omitted from the previous Veteran's Committee ballot: Dick Allen, Jim Kaat, Luis Tiant, and Joe Torre. (maybe they will be included in the 1947-1972 era ballot?).

In any case, my goal is still to construct the comprehensive HOF ballot possible with your input.

A poll will be posted later this evening with the next choices. Thanks for participating!

Nov 10, 2010

The Beginnings of the Pyramid Contest...or Tier 1 of 4 is upon us

As the few readers of this blog have noticed over the interim time period(the last two months or so), I have been persona non grata with respect to the blog. Like many others who have lived, there are times of personal turmoil, and sometimes certain things take priorities.

With that out of the way, let's get back in the swing of things with a contest. Actually, in fact, this will be a series of contests over the next month or so. So keep your eyes open, spread the word, and enter with impunity.

This first tier of the contest is fairly simple and the prize is simple. Answer these questions about me and receive points for every correct answer. Whomever three people get the most correct will receive a 50 card team lot of your choice (included in this lot will be various cards of various eras). Here's the all-important quiz. (first one's a gimmee). For the different point values within a question, the points are not cumulative, so the last number is the max that can be scored for a given question.

Good luck! This contest will close on November 14 at 11:59 PM PST.

1: What is my favorite baseball team? (1 point)

2: Am I shorter or taller than 5'9"? (1 point)

3: Of which team did I buy my first baseball cap? (1 point for guessing the team's division, 3 points for guessing the team spot on)

4: Name at least one of the names of my Little League teams for which I have played? (you get 3 guesses, 1 point for each correct answer, these are all MLB team names)

5: Name the stadium in which I have attended the most games? (2 points)

6: Name which state I went to university? (1 point for getting the region of the country right, 2 points for naming a bordering state, 4 points for being correct)

7: Have I ever been to a World Series game? (1 point)

8: Am I right or left handed for throwing a baseball? (1 point)

9: There is only one person who signed something for my dad at the 1996 All-Star Game. Name that player? (1 point for naming the correct league of the player, 3 points for the team, 5 points for the player)

10: From what year was the first baseball card set that I hand-collated? (1 point within 4 years, 2 points within 2 years, 5 points for the correct year)

11: The oldest autograph that I pulled from a pack is from which year of cards? (1 point within 4 years, 2 points within 2 years, 5 points for the correct year)

12: What is the oldest pack of cards I've ever opened? (1 point within 4 years, 2 points within 2 years, 5 points for the correct year)

13: How many MLB stadiums have I attended a game, including ones that don't exist anymore? (1 point for being within 4 of the number, 2 points for being within 2 of the number, 5 points for guessing correctly)

14: Until what age was my mom able to persuade the ushers at the stadium I was under 15 years old to receive bobblehead dolls and other giveaways? (3 points)

15: Who was the player that had the fake signature in my Rawlings glove when I was a kid? You only have to name the player, I'll figure out the rest. (1 point for the correct league of his principal team, 2 points for the division of his principal team, 3 points for his principal team, 6 points for being correct)

Just leave your answers in the comments and please spread the word. This is just the beginning of the fun. Again, this tier 1 contest will remain open until November 14th at 11:59 PM PST