Nov 10, 2010

The Beginnings of the Pyramid Contest...or Tier 1 of 4 is upon us

As the few readers of this blog have noticed over the interim time period(the last two months or so), I have been persona non grata with respect to the blog. Like many others who have lived, there are times of personal turmoil, and sometimes certain things take priorities.

With that out of the way, let's get back in the swing of things with a contest. Actually, in fact, this will be a series of contests over the next month or so. So keep your eyes open, spread the word, and enter with impunity.

This first tier of the contest is fairly simple and the prize is simple. Answer these questions about me and receive points for every correct answer. Whomever three people get the most correct will receive a 50 card team lot of your choice (included in this lot will be various cards of various eras). Here's the all-important quiz. (first one's a gimmee). For the different point values within a question, the points are not cumulative, so the last number is the max that can be scored for a given question.

Good luck! This contest will close on November 14 at 11:59 PM PST.

1: What is my favorite baseball team? (1 point)

2: Am I shorter or taller than 5'9"? (1 point)

3: Of which team did I buy my first baseball cap? (1 point for guessing the team's division, 3 points for guessing the team spot on)

4: Name at least one of the names of my Little League teams for which I have played? (you get 3 guesses, 1 point for each correct answer, these are all MLB team names)

5: Name the stadium in which I have attended the most games? (2 points)

6: Name which state I went to university? (1 point for getting the region of the country right, 2 points for naming a bordering state, 4 points for being correct)

7: Have I ever been to a World Series game? (1 point)

8: Am I right or left handed for throwing a baseball? (1 point)

9: There is only one person who signed something for my dad at the 1996 All-Star Game. Name that player? (1 point for naming the correct league of the player, 3 points for the team, 5 points for the player)

10: From what year was the first baseball card set that I hand-collated? (1 point within 4 years, 2 points within 2 years, 5 points for the correct year)

11: The oldest autograph that I pulled from a pack is from which year of cards? (1 point within 4 years, 2 points within 2 years, 5 points for the correct year)

12: What is the oldest pack of cards I've ever opened? (1 point within 4 years, 2 points within 2 years, 5 points for the correct year)

13: How many MLB stadiums have I attended a game, including ones that don't exist anymore? (1 point for being within 4 of the number, 2 points for being within 2 of the number, 5 points for guessing correctly)

14: Until what age was my mom able to persuade the ushers at the stadium I was under 15 years old to receive bobblehead dolls and other giveaways? (3 points)

15: Who was the player that had the fake signature in my Rawlings glove when I was a kid? You only have to name the player, I'll figure out the rest. (1 point for the correct league of his principal team, 2 points for the division of his principal team, 3 points for his principal team, 6 points for being correct)

Just leave your answers in the comments and please spread the word. This is just the beginning of the fun. Again, this tier 1 contest will remain open until November 14th at 11:59 PM PST


Brad said...

is it cheating if i answer?

Dustin said...

1. Phillies
2. Yes
3. NL, Cubs
4. Tigers, Angels, Dodgers
5. Veterans Stadium
6. West, border state: Nevada, actual state: California
7. Yes
8. Right-handed
9. AL, Indians, Albert Belle
10. 1991
11. 2004
12. 1977
13. 6
14. 17
15. Roger Clemens

night owl said...

Always up for the guessing game:

1. Phillies
2. You be taller
3. Phillies
4. Tigers, Twins, Giants
5. The Vet
6. Virginia
7. No
8. Righty
9. The Phils' Ricky Bottalico
10. 1979
11. 2002
12. 1978
13. 8
14. 19
15. Ron Guidry

Play at the Plate said...

1. Phillies
2. Shorter
3. Phillies
4. Yankees, Giants, Reds
5. Candlestick Park
6. California
7. Yes
8. Left
9. Craig Biggio, Astros, NL
10. 1987
11. 2004
12. 1981
13. 7
14. 16
15. Steve Carlton

Cool Contest.

cubsfan731 said...

1. Phillies
2. Neither
3. NL East, Braves
4. Orioles, Mets, Giants
5. Veterand Stadium
6. Region: South; State: Texas; Bordering State: Oklahoma
7. No
8. Right-handed
9. NL; Ken Caminiti; Padres
10. 1987
11. 1993
12. 1966
13. 7
14. 15
15. Mike Schmidt

BA Benny said...

1~ Phillies
2~ Taller
3~ Dodgers NL WEST
4~ Mets, Yankees, Cubs
5~ Jack Murphy Stadium (Padres)
6~ New York (New Jersey borders it)
7~ Yes
8~ Lefty
9~ NL Todd Hundley Mets
10~ 1989
11~ 1999
12~ 1975
13~ 6
14~ 17
15~ Greg Ludzinski

FanOfReds said...

1: Phillies
2: Taller
3: Orioles
4: Yankees, Reds, Braves
5: Veterans
6: Pennsylvania
7: Yes
8: Right
9: Tony Gwynn
10: 1987
11: 2003
12: 1985
13: 10
14: 18
15: Ken Griffey Jr.

BA Benny said...

Consider you contest plugged. Thanks for hosting it.

cubsfan731 said...

Yeah, I plugged it too: