Nov 15, 2010

Pyramid Tier 1 Contest Results and Trivia Answers

As the 6 of you that have entered this first contest were the only ones who are hanging on the edge of the seats for the answers, I will provide them forthwith along with the long awaited results. After that, a mini-preview of Tier 2 will be shown.

The official answers:

1. Phillies
2. shorter
3. Baltimore Orioles
4. Mets, Cubs, Rangers
5. The Vet
6. Missouri
7. yes, in 1983
8. right handed, though I play pool with my left hand
9. The biggest surprise of all, Barry Bonds
10. I didn't get into this until middle school, so 1994 Score was the first I completed.
11. 1999 Bowman
12. 1981
13. Unfortunately, only 10 (to see a game)...The Vet, Citizens Bank Park, Memorial Stadium, Camden Yards, Busch Stadium, Kingdome, AT&T Park, Oakland Coliseum, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park
14. 19 years old, she was a good persuader.
15. Someone that was the best player in RBI Baseball 2, Rickey Henderson

The results including the contest linking bonus(in order of entrance)

Dustin: 9 points
night owl: 13 points
Play at the Plate: 10 points
cubsfan731: 10 points
BA Benny: 14 points
FanofReds: 18 points

So, congratulations to FanofReds, BA Benny, and night owl! You will all receive a prize package. Please e-mail me your address and team of choice and I will start the search through my collection.

Some correct answers which were hard to get that some people got:

night owl guessed the age to which my mother persuaded the ushers at the Vet that I was under 15.
Dustin was the only one to get points for the year of my first hand-collated set.
Play at the Plate got the year of the oldest pack I opened.
BA Benny got 2 of the 3 Little League teams I played for and the year of cards from which I pulled my first auto.
FanofReds got the team of the first hat I bought and the number of stadiums I have attended in person.

I hope it was fun to learn a little about me.


For tier 2, the prize will be larger. Those who have entered Tier 1 will get a leg up of some kind (as soon as I finish figuring out the scoring system)

Consider this scan the preview of what is to come, and get ready to be creative later this week.


Play at the Plate said...

Congrats to the winners...and thanks for a fun contest.

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