Aug 30, 2012

Group Break Box F: 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars

Offered without commentary this time. This is a long video though. Pretty stoked to get a case hit.
Order of choices of hits for this one was

1. Dan
2. Tim
3. Tim
4. Tim

Because of the case hit, there was an additional hit, which will go in the dispersal draft.  The Team USA cards will also be available.

Team USA Cards

 Rookie Cards (SP)
 AJ Vanegas Jersey:  Was on Stanford baseball team in 2012.
 Pride of a Nation Flag Patch Auto Ricky Romero 21/99: Here's the case hit.  Too bad Romero's having a career worst year.

 Kyle Ryan Auto/Jersey 650/999: Currently on Detroit's A Team.
 Drew Carpenter Auto: Made 11 appearances with the Phillies in his careerNow is on the Mets AAA club.
Joe Mauer Dual Jersey: This would be a cool card on many levels if the jersey pieces were from both the Twins and Team USA jersey, but it's hard to verify that supposition.

Aug 29, 2012

Group Break Box E: 2010 Panini Century Collection Box 2

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I had to get a replacement modem, so all the videos were stuck in limbo while I was offline.  But I'm back, and here is another box of 2010 Panini Century Collection.  Overall, this may be one my favorite products of the last couple years.  It's just so....unexpected.

The order of the choices of this box is
1. Arno
3. Dan

Again, there are 6 hits from this box, so one will be left behind for the end round picks.
Eileen Collins Stamp/Relic 31/250: An astronaut of the '90s, she was the first female to be a shuttle pilot and shuttle commander.
Deion Sanders Relic 16/25:  Prime Time, Prime Time, Prime Time chanted the NFL countdown crew.  On the back, it says it was a Reds jersey.
 Bette Davis Relic 20/250: Besides having memorable eyes, Bette Davis won 2 Academy Awards, was nominated 10 times, and the first woman to receive a lifetime achievement award from the AFI.
Bruce Sutter Auto 4/25: The HOF closer with the split finger grip and 300 saves.  He had a great beard and a Cy Young award to his name.
 Steve Cauthen Stamp/Auto 26/66: He had 487 wins in 1977....that is crazy.  In 1978, he rode Affirmed to the Triple Crown, the last horse to win the prestigious three races, and he was inducted to the Racing Hall of Fame in 1994.
Dave Parker Relic 86/100: The Cobra was a batting terror when he played, winning the NL MVP in 1978.  He also was a 2 time batting champion and 7 time all star.

Aug 25, 2012

Gint-a-Cuffs IV: Packs 17-24: The Finale

Here's the final 3rd in the box, in which I turn into a mustachioed gentleman and decide to not be a professional bowler

Pack 17
95: Felix Hernandez
176: Babe Ruth (Yankee) -1
100: Troy Tulowitzki
103: Alexei Ogando
55: Colin Montgomerie
Baseball Highlight Sketches BH-12 Justin Verlander +5
Mini Black Border 196 Lou Gehrig +2
303: Ivan Nova +1

Pack 17 Total: 7
Box Total: 135

Pack 18
64: Matt Latos
32: Ben Zobrist
53: Hisashi Iwakuma
242: Alfonso Soriano
263: Jason Motte
Historical Turning Points HTP20 Agricultural Revolution +3
Mini Musical Masters MM-3 Beethoven +3
320: Jonathan Papelbon (Phillie) +3

Pack 18 Total: 9
Box Total: 144

Pack 19
68: Rickie Weeks
297: Justin Morneau
110: Heath Bell +2
244: Brett Anderson
146: Josh Beckett
Historical Turning Points HTP10 Discovery of Electricity +3
Mini A&G Back SP 301 Adron Chambers +7
311 Bob Gibson +2

Pack 19 Total: 14
Box Total: 158

Pack 20
117: Nick Swisher (Yankee) -1
180: Tim Federowicz
126: Justin Masterson
267: Naftali Feliz
105: Arnold Palmer
97: Max Scherzer
Mini A&G Back 153 Robinson Cano +1
What's in a Name WIN65 Nick Swisher +1

Pack 20 Total: 1
Box Total: 159

Pack 21
2: Juan Pierre (Phillie) +1
29: Hanley Ramirez
37: James McDonald
27: Ricky Nolasco
114: Johan Santana
Code Card Deputy Danny Young +3
317: Jason Heyward +2
No mini!?

Pack 21 Total: 6
Box Total: 165

Pack 22
189: Lance Berkman
118: Carl Yastrzemski
194: JJ Hardy
152: Ryan Vogelsong
31: Jackie Robinson
116: Brandon Beachy
People of the Bible PB-1 David +3
What's in a Name WIN98 Whitey Ford +1

Pack 22 Total: 4
Box Total: 169

Pack 23
183: Darwin Barney
169: Mark Teixeira (Yankee) -1
248: Jed Lowrie
187: John Axford
Relic Jordan Zimmermann +10
Mini 62 Michael Cuddyer
What's in a Name WIN26 Orlando Cepeda +2

Pack 23 Total: 11
Box Total: 180

Pack 24
145: Drew Storen
36: Kirk Herbstreit
234: Carlos Lee
149: Wilson Ramos
157: Roger Federer
World's Tallest Buildings WTB5 1 World Trade Center +3
Mini 347 SP Matt Garza +3
340: Marty Hogan +2

Pack 24 Total: 8
Box Total: 188
And so ends the Gint-a-Cuffs.  I kept my streak alive of not reaching 200 points ever.

Aug 24, 2012

Group Break Box D: 2010 Panini Century Collection Box 1

Here is the first box of one of the quirkiest brands I've ever opene: 2010 Panini Century Collection.  There are subjects from all major and non-major sports plus each box seems to come with a Hollywood relic and astronaut relic.

The choice order for this box is

1. Brad
2. Arno
3. Brad
4. Brad
5. Arno

There was an extra hit in the box, so this will go into the end of break draft.  It says only 5 cards per box, but we received 6.
 Sally Ride Astronaut Stamp/Relic 74/100: Sally Ride was the first woman in space and died only last month.  A true pioneer.
 Lou Brock Stamp/Relic/Auto 4/10: Lou Brock was a member of the 3000 hit club and the charter member of the 900 SB club(20th century edition).
 Minnie Minoso Bat Relic 194/250: Read here for information on his career.
 Eddie Murray Jersey Relic 56/250: One of the few with 3000 hits and 500 HR in his career, "Steady Eddie" was a certain HOFer.
 James Cagney Relic 21/250:  One of the top screen legends of all time, won best actor in 1942 for his role in Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Bobby Doerr Button Relic/Auto 4/4:  Boston Red Sox HOFer played from 1937-1951 and was a 9 time AS.  Had 6 100 RBI seasons and a career OPS+ of 115.   Plus, there's a button.

Aug 23, 2012

Group Break Results, Box C: 2011 Leaf Valiant Box 2

Now we come to the 2nd of 2 Leaf Valiant boxes. This time I showcase how badly I identify different colors. Here are the order of choices for this box break:

 1. Jason
2. Arno
3. Jason
4. Jason
5. Dan
6. Arno
7-10 open

 I was pleased with the results, I hope the rest of you were also.
Joe Panik Blue Parallel Auto 15/99: Age 21, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Giants A club, 2nd ranked prospect in Giants organization.
Kolten Wong Black Parallel Auto 4/5: Age 21, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Cardinals AA club, 4th ranked prospect in Cardinals organization.
Robbie Ray  Auto: Age 20,  currently on Nationals A club, 9th ranked prospect in Nationals organization.
Daniel Norris Auto: Age 19, currently on Blue Jays Rookie club, 5th ranked prospect in Blue Jays organization.
Granden Goetzman Blue Parallel Auto 23/99: Age 19,  currently on Rays Rookie club, 17th ranked prospect in Rays organization.
Francisco Lindor Auto SP Shortprint list:  Age 18, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Indians A club, 1st ranked prospect in Indians organization.
Marcus Knecht  AutoAge 22,  currently on Blue Jays A club, 21st ranked prospect in Blue Jays organization.
Starling Marte AutoAge 23, currently on Priates MLB club (DL), 4th ranked prospect in Pirates organization.
Jose Fernandez Auto: (I think this info's right, there were multiple Jose Fernandezes) Age 19, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Marlins A club, 3rd ranked prospect in Marlins organization.
JJ Hoover AutoAge 24, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Reds AAA club, 7th ranked prospect in Braves organization before trade.

Aug 21, 2012

Gint-a-Cuffs IV: Packs 9-16

We continue the showing of the cards with borders that look like Roman columns.

Pack 9

137: George Brett
14: Nick Markakis
158: Melky Cabrera
88: Stan Musial
139: Tim Hudson
130: Madison Bumgarner
Mini A&G Back 216 Corey Hart +2
What's in a Name WIN100 Zack Greinke +2

Pack 9 Total: 4
Box Total: 60

Pack 10
215: Dan Haren
279: Brett Gardner (Yankee) -1
94: Geovany Soto
206: Joey Votto
5: David Price +2
4: Yu Darvish
Mini 75: Erin Andrews
What's in a Name WIN86: Dan Haren +2

Pack 10 Total: 3
Box Total: 63

Pack 11

181: Joe Dimaggio (Yankee) -1
76: Michael Bourn
52: Cameron Maybin
196: Lou Gehrig (Yankee) -1
20: Miguel Montero
Historical Turning Points: HTP1 Signing of the DofI +3
Mini A&G Back 69 Kurt Suzuki +2
334: Adrian Beltre +2

Pack 11 Total: 5
Box Total: 68

Pack 12
43: Josh Johnson
69: Kurt Suzuki
216: Corey Hart
30: Carlos Zambrano
153: Robinson Cano (Yankee) -1
204: Adam Dunn
Mini 93: Jose Bautista +3
What's in a Name WIN22 Matt Kemp +4

Pack 12 Total: 6
Box Total: 74

Pack 13
21: Matt Moore
160: Shane Victorino (Phillie) +1
20: Miguel Montero
196: Lou Gehrig (Yankee) -1
Mini World's Greatest Military Leaders Leonidas +3
Mini Printing Plate Adrian Beltre +27
What;s in a Name WIN81 Coco Crisp +2

Pack 13 Total: 32
Box Total: 106

Pack 14
281: Matt Cain
60: Reggie Jackson (Yankee) -1
140: Mike Trout
90: Roy Halladay (Phillie) +1
56: Jordan Pacheco
Baseball Highlight Sketches BH-19 Carlton Fisk +3
Mini A&G Back 30 Carlos Zambrano +2
301: Adron Chambers +2

Pack 14 Total: 7
Box Total: 113

Pack 15
82: Giancarlo Stanton
266: Carlos Ruiz (Phillie) +1
72: Joakim Soria
259: Wade Davis
231: Todd Helton
World's Tallest Building WTB4 Willis Tower +3
Black Border Mini 52 Cameron Maybin +3
344: Matt Dominguez +2

Pack 15 Total: 9
Box Total: 122

Pack 16
300: Roberto Clemente
156: Trevor Cahill
128: Andrew McCutchen
188: Tommy Milone
48: Jordan Walden
Baseball Highlight Sketches BH-2 Tom Seaver +3
Mini 226 Jim Thome (Phillie) +1
341: Colby Lewis +2

Pack 16 Total: 6
Box Total: 128

2/3 down, 1/3 to go.

Aug 20, 2012

Group Break Results, Box B: 2011 Leaf Valiant Box 1

Here's the first box of 2011 Leaf Valiant, a prospect and draft auto product, it promises 10 autos per box.

Break is sponsored by Blowout Cards.

The order of choices for this box is

1. Jason
2. Tim
3. Jason
4. Dan
5. Brad
6. Dan
7-10 not selected until the end.

Kelvin Herrera Auto: Age 22, currently on Royals MLB club, 6th ranked prospect in Royals organization.
Jiwan James Auto: Age 23, currently on Phillies AA club, 20th ranked prospect in Phillies organization
Robert Stephenson Blue Parallel Auto 99/99: Age 19, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Reds A club, 4th ranked prospect in Reds organization.
Taylor Guerrieri Auto: Age 19, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Rays A club, 5th ranked prospect in Rays organization.
Travis Harrison Auto: Age 19, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Twins Rookie League club, 11th ranked prospect in Twins organization.
Anthony Rendon Auto: Age 22, 1st round pick in 2011 draft, currently on Nationals AA club, 2nd ranked prospect in Nationals organization.
Felix Sterling Blue Parallel Auto 31/99: Age 19,  currently on Indians A club, 8th ranked prospect in Indians organization.
 Brandon Short Blue Parallel Auto 89/99: Age 23,  currently on White Sox A club,outside top 20 of White Sox organization
Jeremy Moore Auto: Age 24, , currently on Angels AAA club, 14th ranked prospect in Angels organization.
Heath Hembree Auto: Age 23, currently on Giants AAA club, 5th ranked prospect in Giants organization.