Aug 30, 2012

Group Break Box F: 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars

Offered without commentary this time. This is a long video though. Pretty stoked to get a case hit.
Order of choices of hits for this one was

1. Dan
2. Tim
3. Tim
4. Tim

Because of the case hit, there was an additional hit, which will go in the dispersal draft.  The Team USA cards will also be available.

Team USA Cards

 Rookie Cards (SP)
 AJ Vanegas Jersey:  Was on Stanford baseball team in 2012.
 Pride of a Nation Flag Patch Auto Ricky Romero 21/99: Here's the case hit.  Too bad Romero's having a career worst year.

 Kyle Ryan Auto/Jersey 650/999: Currently on Detroit's A Team.
 Drew Carpenter Auto: Made 11 appearances with the Phillies in his careerNow is on the Mets AAA club.
Joe Mauer Dual Jersey: This would be a cool card on many levels if the jersey pieces were from both the Twins and Team USA jersey, but it's hard to verify that supposition.

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