Sep 1, 2012

Group Break Box G: 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Box 1

Update 9/4/12: Scans added

Greetings to the latest episode! We're approaching the finale of the break with only two boxes of 2007 Tristar Prospect Plus boxes remaining.  This product was done when Tristar had minor league licensing and looks really smooth with the minor league logos.  There were 10 packs per box with 1 auto per pack.  Unfortunately, you will have to live with the video only, since my scanner is on the fritz.

The choices are

1. Jason
2. Dan
3. Jason
4. Brad
5-10 open

Also, expect an email update with what's left after the initial picks for each box at the end of the weekend as I finish the posting, thanks for your patience.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My choices:

1) Bumgarner
2) Brown
3) Burgess