Sep 23, 2012

The Phillies are Feeling Blue...

...because their playoff chances are down to 0.2 (or practically nil).  With the two losses to the Braves this weekend and the Cardinals two wins and the continued success of the Brewers, I will now resign myself to the fact that I most probably likely not going to be rooting for a Phillies postseason run for the first time since 2006.  It was quite a run, but it's still sobering as a fan and for the players involved.

Roy Halladay-feeling blue because he allowed 7 runs in 1.2 innings in his final start, pickmeup suggestion-go fishing in the Caribbean
Cliff Lee-feeling blue because of the small run support he got for most of the year.  pickmeup suggestion-become a dart throwing champion in the offseason
Ryan Howard-feeling blue because of his career low .SLG. pickmeup suggestion-go back to his hometown of St. Louis and have some Ted Drewes.
Vance Worley-feeling blue because surgery on the elbow is never good. pickmeup suggestion-invest in a fashion or costume line that will use his goggles.
Jimmy Rollins-feeling blue because his OBP has dropped to its lowest mark since 2002 and because he keeps on getting reamed once or twice a year for not running out every pop-up.  pickmeup suggestion: three words: radio show host.

So as you can see, they don't seem to be feeling too well.  Amazingly, they stayed in contention until the penultimate week of the season.  Hopefully, they can finish the season with a winning record.......

But of course, if they win all their games and the Cardinals, Dodgers, and Brewers all falter all bets are off.  Is that completely irrational?  I meant it to be.


Superduperman99 said...

Mmmmmmm!!!! I love me some Ted Drewes.

Jeff Laws said...

I stopped reading after Ted Drewes, haven't had that in years.