Apr 5, 2010

Phillies Firsts of 2010

First game is in the books for 2010 and it was a memorable beginning for the Roy Halladay-led squad.

Let's record the firsts of 2010, for posterity's sake if nothing else.

The Semi-Official List of 2010 Firsts
(in order of appearance)
First Single: Jimmy Rollins
First Out: Placido Polanco
First Stolen Base: Jimmy Rollins
First Baserunning Blunder: Jimmy Rollins
First Strikeout, Walk, and Run Allowed: Roy Halladay
First Walk: Carlos Ruiz
First Home Run: Ryan Howard
First Run Scored: Chase Utley
First Sacrifice Fly: Placido Polanco
First Strike out (batter): Roy Halladay
First Triple: Jimmy Rollins
First Intentional Walk Received: Jimmy Rollins
First Grand Slam: Placido Polanco
First Error: Raul Ibanez
First Win: Roy Halladay

Anything else you'd like to add? (for those who actually got to see the game...lucky people)

I'm contemplating how to approach documenting the 2010 season. I was thinking the Slice of a Season from last year was good, though my memory was not always able to hold that much information for 9 games. A review by homestand/roadtrip? A review by series? A review by week?

I would also like to try something new. I wish I could see every game (out here on the West Coast it's impossible) to have it real-time, but I was thinking of doing a "Cole Hamels Blog" for each of his starts this year. I would like to follow whom I consider the most enigmatic of the Phillies' starters from the past two years (varying between brilliant and frustratingly maddening). It will also give answer to some questions about other subplots such as "what is a FIP and can Hamels match it?" "is the 5th inning a good time to get up and get a soda?" "how many grimaces until things unravel?" and lastly, "when is a curveball not a curveball?"

Any suggestions, comments, etc?


deal said...

I like the Hamels Idea - definitely sounds full of possibilities.

Brad said...

if you want to stick to the review/highlight/analysis/funny stuff theme and to change it up i would try bi-weekly, weekly is too quick, hard to get a good judge on how its really going. But they are on pace to go 162-0!

Jim said...

I second the Hamels idea.

I also really enjoyed your Slice of the Season posts last year.