Jan 19, 2011

My Favorite Relic Card Purchase of 2010

I haven't done a retrospective of 2010, mostly because my mind has not yet advanced past August. Speaking of which, if your body and mind were separated along two different planes among the space-time continuum, how would you be able to distinguish when and where you were? Your mind (i.e. consciousness) would "see" your body and your body would look back at your mind from the past....so which one would be in the present?

Also, if the past were rooted in the future, would Bowman Heritage come before the original Bowman? Can there be a heritage from a past which has not yet existed? Are sepia tones really reminiscent of a past time or is that the color that happens when color fades and oxidizes away?

This Chase Utley is a bat relic from the 2006 Bowman Heritage. It is also the white parallel type of a relic and is #d to 49. When you see this card, you know of the shadows of the past, represented by the ghostly Bowman Heritage logo and the shadow thrown by the brim of Utley's past. When you hold this card, you're reminded of a simpler time, when the only color from a summer's evening was from a baseball cap and grass stains. Before foil stamping, before metallic coloring, there is and always will be cardboard, wood, and a piece of greatness in the ballplayer in all of us. Let Utley show you the way.


Anonymous said...

Cool card.

Jim said...

No matter where you go, there you are.