May 7, 2011

The Colors of Obak

Tristar Obak has been an always interesting set to collect. As an avid student of baseball history, it's interesting to connect images to faces of stories read such as Monty Stratton or Louis Sockalexis. There are also prospect cards within the set.

The card images themselves aren't always colorful and harken back to an era of non-colorized newspaper photos. How can one inject a bit of color into a predominantly gray toned set....? With the font ink, of course.

Gary Sanchez AutoStandard Blue/125
Jason Kipnis Auto, Brown/75
Eddie Cicotte Black Parallel/50
Ken Laundreaux Auto, Green/25

Don Baylor Red Parallel/5

All I'm missing is a 1/1 Purple, but there are scant odds of receiving that.

Also, here are the remaining autos I received from the box I opened.
Scott Sizemore Auto: Had a putout and assist in the 9th inning on Justin Verlander's no-hitter tonight
John Paciorek Auto: The gentleman with the greatest one game career in MLB history.

Looking forward to the variations and stories for this year's Obak edition.

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