Nov 17, 2011

Cards from the Phungo

It's always fun to trade with the Phungo, though this was my first time.     Just check out the mix of vintage Phillies and PHUNGO CARDS that were sent there.   The arrival of a Phungo card set is a phun time for everyone.  Just wanted to say thanks, it was fun....

1959 Topps Don Cardwell: vintage and elegant in its presentation

1975 Topps Phillie Mini: My first 1975 Topps mini!

Phungo Card 1/Black Border:  The best mascot of them all.

Phungo Card 2/Harry Kalas Commemorative:  The voice of two generations of Phillies fans.

Phungo Card 3/Harry Kalas Memorial:  The outpouring of emotion at the centerpiece of the Philly baseball scene.

1959 Topps Bob Bowman: Vintage and determined to please

Phungo Card 4/Greg Luzinski:  The Bull is back and BBQin'

Phungo Card 5/Dickie Noles: A member of the 1980 bullpen and a Phillie twice in his career.

Phungo Card 6/Tommy Greene:  Caught lightning in 1993 with a great season, pitched a no-hitter in 1991.  Succumbed to the young pitcher Fregosi malady.

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