Feb 7, 2012

Pack Rips from the Recent Past: 2011 Topps Update Value Box

I think I was reading the Blowout forums too much during the collecting and release lull of December and January. Did you know there were collectors out there who would buy 30 or more at a time of these packaged packs? Apparently, you can break even on these guys if you're into that type of buying and selling part of the hobby.

The normal damage is $15; the spoils are a diamond giveaway card, one of three exclusive Bryce Harpers, 5 2011 Topps Update retail packs, and a 2011 hobby Bowman Chrome pack. I think other people have explored whether they were "loaded". I did see some amazing pulls on the boards. Let's see what happened when I jumped into the retail boulevard of dreams.

It's the exclusive Bryce Harper card.  This looks like the most common version, the red.  The silver and gold have definitely been harder to come by.  I do like having a Harper rookie just because he's the major rookie association of 2011 at this point.  I say the odds of him breaking camp with the Nationals on the big league roster as the starting right fielder is 60-40.

The 2011 Topps Update packs gave me pretty much what was expected.

The insert series of that moment: Topps 60; nobody's favorite, but nobody's least favorite. There were some images I like, like this one of Tris Speaker. The Gray Eagle can be thought of as either an Indian or Red Sox member. 

The Target exclusive red-bordered parallel of another of the rookies of the moment, Dustin Ackley...he is already probably the Mariners 2nd best offensive player.

An Eric Hosmer Rookie Debut liquorfractor sure spices the pack opening up.   His age 21 season compares favorably to Eddie Murray's, I'm just saying.
I already miss the legend shortprints this year, so I was happy to pull Ty Cobb as a Philadelphia Athletic.  In 1927, as a 40 year old, he had 5 HR and 93 RBI at the peak of the power '20s, a remarkable career.

Robinson Cano won the home run derby and it was awesome to watch in person. He was really locked in.

Was Kevin Correia named to the all-star team last year?  And not as the only Pirate?  He must have had an incredible first half (after further review, he did).  This is a nice diamond parallel anyway.

From the 2011 Bowman Chrome pack, I got a Chase Utley (good for me) and beat the odds with a refractor #d to 500 of Hunter Morris, a young prospect in the Brewers system. Refractors give me an uplifting feeling, don't they give you one also?

So there it is, I feel good about the value...won't be going for huge returns on these....but then again, when have I ever at this point in my life?


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