May 18, 2012

Group Break Box Example: 2010 Panini Century Collection Break

I feel like this group break will be very fun. Check it out here for details. Only six slots left!

One of my initial goals from this year was to rip open those non-conventional boxes for a first world collector like myself. I wanted to jump ankle first into the high end pool, and there was one set that caught my eye for a few reasons and that was 2010 Panini Century Collection.

 1. I wanted a relic card of an astronaut.
 2. There were autos of HOFers across all the major sports.
3. I felt like I needed another stamp card for some inexplicable reason.
4. I was looking for a card with some '70s glasses styled and profiled.

Basketball HOF Nate Thurmond  Auto/Stamp card 23/36: Generally regarded as one of the top 40 players all-time in the NBA.  He averaged 15 points and 15 rebounds for his career.  He's also known as the player to record the first ever quadruple-double.
Astronaut Ed Gibson Relic/Stamp card 38/100: Ed Gibson was a key physicist for Skylab 4 space station in 1973, amazing.
Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn Dual Relic/Stamp card 113/250: Two icons of the silver screen and golden stage.
NHL HOF Mike Bossy Relic/Stamp card 26/250: Bossy scored 573 goals in only 10 seasons and won 4 Stanley Cups with the Islanders.
MLB HOF Lou Brock Relic card 9/25: 3000 hits, 938 steals, we're mostly baseball fans here. What you may not know: batted .391 for his career in the World Series with 14 steals in 21 games.
MLB HOF Ryne Sandberg 1/1 (encased):  This is my second ever 1/1 pull from a pack.
Check out the back with the serial number.

In any case, as you can see, the box only calls for five cards per box, but I received six in my particular box. (Note: any unclaimed extra hits from the initial 39 that are supposed to be in the group break originally will go into the "Wild Card Choice" election to begin with)

For the price, in my opinion, this gives some of the best value on the market right now. I even like the high school most cases...not all players are destined to be photogenic.
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Arno said...

Is this one of the boxes you just ordered?

Brad's Blog said...

I can pick up another spot if it helps fill up the break and get this thing going. I'm excited to see whats inside.