Dec 24, 2012

Back to Basics: Cards from My Cardboard Mistress

There are times in this world where sharing is difficult.    For instance, I have trouble sharing cookies...I am guilty as charged as a cookie hoarder.  I also have trouble sharing  personal items about myself.  But I´m trying to break out of that.  Did you know I can wiggle both ears at the same time independently?  Lately, and most importantly, I´ve had trouble sharing on the blog.

How can this be?  Is it because I´m part bear and gone into hibernation (possible).  Is it because I´ve become obsessed with fantasy football and drove my team to the championship? (probable)  Or is it because everytime I looked at a computer outside work, my first instinct was to kick first and ask questions later? (correct).

I´ve discovered there´s only so much typing in me per day for any subject, and unfortunately, the fun subjects suffer. And this includes my real reason for being, collecting the heck out of baseball cards.

These cards are from a group break at the inestimable My Cardboard Mistress, who hosted the most random, surprisingly satisfying group break I´ve taken part in awhile.  I snagged the present Philadelphia team as well as the former Philadelphia team (and the team in my backyard) as my weapons of choice, and what came out were 100s of cards of varietal surrealism that left me in sorter´s heaven.  Included among the group were the following (see how the formal writing creeps in may now erase that last sentence from your consciousness)
2008 Upper Deck Timeline (2004 Timeless Teams Design) Cole Hamels: I don´t know how I missed the original of this set.  This guy did not.  But, I will gladly take an update for the most memorable Phillies year of my lifetime.
1993 Ted Williams Mike Schmidt:  I also wish I bought this set when it first came out.  I used to have designations of real/not real cards.  What a strange idea....since they´re all real now.
2000 Topps Gold Label Brett Myers:  A rookie! A rookie! I can trade this for a cookie!
2003 Topps Bobby Abreu: The always underappreciated Bobby Abreu....shown here at the height of his walking, not-fielding powers.  It looks like his career might end if he doesn´t sign with someone soon.  Still, one of the top 5 trades in recent Phillies history.
2009 Goudey Jimmy Rollins(heads-up);  I think I love these heads-up cards.  I want them all from all the Goudey years.
2006 Topps Aaron Rowand: old ¨fence face¨had an interesting two year run with the Phillies.  He was a strange beast with power from the center field spot and liked to get hit by pitches.
2012 Bowman Platinum Roy Halladay: He was part of ESPN´s Hall of 100, and this year, the hopes of Phillies nation hinge on his return to form in 2013 (was that overdramatic? I meant it to be.)
1984 Topps Rickey Henderson: Early Ricky cards are the best.  Even Rickey thinks so because Rickey was faster than lightning and cooler than a glacier melt.  Rickey still is.
1987 Fleer Dusty Baker:  I didn´t know he played that long, and 1987 Fleer is on my list of sets to pursue.
2002 Donruss (spanish card) Mark Mulder:  Mark Mulder begat Dan Haren who begat Brett Anderson/Chris Carter/Carlos Gonzalez who the last begat Matt Holliday for half a season who begat Brett Wallace who begat Michael Taylor (I really thought it would be a better ending to this trade chain)
2003 Topps All Star Miguel Tejada:  He was truly special in his time and blasted the ball as a shortstop.  I like shiny cards almost as much as cookies, but I wouldn´t trade a cookie for a shiny card.
2008 Upper Deck Timeline Frank Thomas:  It looked weird, but it worked.  39 HRs and 140 OPS+ in 2006.
2007 Fleer Ultra Mike Piazza; It looked weird, and it didn´t work.  Anyway, can anyone identify Ultra sets just by looking at the front without consulting references (1997-2007)?
2012 Topps Archives Yoenis Cespedes: Not the best rookie (Trout) this year....but man, was he dynamic to watch...a twisting corkscrew of power and flair.  He made a popfly look fun.
2000 Topps Gold Label Eric Chavez: He and his back have been resurrected as a very successful platoon player.  He seemed like a contender for the HOF until the back injuries.  It was a legitimate debate: Chavez or Rolen in the mid-2000s.
2000 Topps 21st century Topps Ben Grieve:  This is not a refractor, but it should be.  Ben Grieve needs the refractor designation to stay hobby relevant.
2010? Heritage Flashback Jason Giambi:  He came back, he flashed back, he bashed back, and then went to the Rockies.
2009 Opeechee Matt Holliday: See, it wasn´t a dream.  Having lived in both places, I prefer Oakland to St, Louis....but the St. Louis baseball experience has been better.

Thanks for the sweetly awesome break, Adam....I will celebrate the sorting with some cookies.

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Spankee said...

What's even more confusing than Fleer Ultra designs is the fact that I just now realized that the Dan in the group break was the Dan of this blog.

Anyway, glad you like the cards!