Apr 30, 2013

Set Gallery: 1996 Denny's Grand Slam Insert Set

I think about breakfast a lot.  What I'm going to eat for breakfast, when I'm ultimately going to have breakfast in the morning, how much I'm going to eat so that I can maximize the time between breakfast and lunch and get the most out of the morning.

Ironically, I don't really like most breakfast foods.  I don't eat eggs and their omelette cousins or bacon or sausage or cheese or yogurt or anything too buttery.  That doesn't really leave me with a lot of options; I have established a routine of two bowls of cereal and milk at home.  While on the road, it could be french toast, home fries, or the always ubiquitous chocolate sandwiches.  Once can't be too picky in some places, you know?

I am thinking about breakfast right now....as in how many hours do I have to last until I can have one. I'm still up at this hour (1 am in the morning) for a few reasons. First, sleeping doesn't come naturally lately.  Second, I decided to write a blog post for the first time in awhile. Third, the A's and Angels are currently in the 18th inning and I'm not going to sleep until the 20th at least.  How many games have you seen enter the 20th inning live? If I knew about this earlier, I would have gone to the stadium for a 6 hour game....it would have been much better than the rest of my night involving painful turf burns.

Denny's is still around and it still does breakfast, but there's no more cards with the breakfast.  This discourages me from going to Denny's.  I do have a strange tradition, though.  Whenever I drive to southern CA, I stop for a meal at the Denny's in Bakersfield.   It's close to halfway between the Bay Area and greater Los Angeles area, so it works.

Shown is not the run of the mill, pay 79 cents with a grand slam meal Denny's cards that were inserted into any typical pack in 1996.  These are the GRAND SLAM (you have to write it that way, it's an unwritten rule with many exceptions) inserts....rarer beyond your imagination....inserted 1:56 packs....ok, not that rare.  There's also the Artist Proof versions...inserted 1:360 packs....the only difference having an artist proof symbol in the lower left corner.  Sometime you just have to embrace the foil stamped, holographic parallel that screams for attention with its own special logo.

Behold the gallery! They all have GRAND SLAM in big holographic letters on the left, a player image on the right....and fireworks. Lovely, lovely fireworks....but only the boring, non-colorful kind. Couldn't they have found an image of fireworks with copper chloride or something?  It matters not....here's to the GRAND SLAM insert set....'96 style (sans the reigning NL MVP)

UPDATE: 19th inning!


1 Cal Ripken, Jr.
2 Frank Thomas
3 Mike Piazza
4 Tony Gwynn
5 Sammy Sosa
6 Barry Bonds
7 Jeff Bagwell
8 Albert Belle
9 Mo Vaughn
10 Kirby Puckett

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