May 26, 2013

The Quest for the 1975 Topps Mini Phillies

Some people might agree with this statement, and some people might not. What that statement is, I'll never know. Besides that point, I have made it my unofficial quest to collect at least one version of all Phillies minis. This is not a goal to be taken lightly. They are titchy little buggers, prime to fall out of piles of cards in a mountain of disarray.

 I may have to revise that goal after seeing the inclusion of chrome prospect minis in this year's Bowman edition. Fortunately, we all set the parameters of our own mini-collections within our collection. For this mini collection of minis, I hereby exclude thee Bowman minis! The vintage 1987 and 1972 mini inserts from Topps in 2012 and 2013 will count, however.

This post is about the progenitor of the mini brand, the 1975 Topps brand or as someone, who is the godfather of 1975 Topps, says MMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNIIIIIISSSSS!!

I will humbly go about the business of scooping up the Phillies and setting them along side their full sized versions to show that size does not matter in cards, only awesomeness.

Here are the latest arrivals....
Bob Boone: He has shrunk on the card, but his helmet has not.
Jim Lonborg: Made the Veterans Stadium wall shrink with him.
Steve Carlton:  I read this article about Carlton the other day.  It;s an old article from Philadelphia magazine.  It was illuminating.  Read it here.
Bill Robinson : His mustache grew to reflect the disco era.
Tom Hutton:  He decided to shrink his K rate instead to show what a platoon player is all about.

Surprisingly, I only need 3 more cards for this particular team set (70, 312, 615)....this means that they've been sneaking into my collection for years.  But now they are properly captured.


mr haverkamp said...

I've got 312 and 615 for you; planning to go to the card show in San Leandro on June 15? Can give them to you then.

Amit Parashar said...

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