Feb 15, 2014

A Series of Disconnected Thoughts: On Baseball, Blogging, and Baseball Cards- Part 2

Jimmie Foxx and Mel Ott were the 2nd and 3rd members (after Babe Ruth) to join the 500 HR club, the only ones besides Babe Ruth to reach that mark before 1960.  They played in major markets throughout their career for historic teams: Ott for the McGraw/Terry-led incarnations of the New York Giants and Foxx for the Mack-led Athletics and Cronin-led Red Sox.  Mel Ott, so far, is the only player to hit 40 home runs in a season prior to his age 21 season.  Jimmie Foxx had 5 40+ home runs seasons.

Here's a link to the only Mel Ott auto on ebay.:  Mel Ott auto  Here's a link to a Jimmie Foxx auto on ebay: Jimmie Foxx auto.

In general, these guys don't get many cards. How many other 500 HR club members are harder to find on modern cards?


Jaime Moyer's back, joining the Phillies booth as an announcer.  This Collector's Choice card pictures him in his first year as a Mariner. Was there any indication from this card that Moyer would pitch another 16 years?
Also, whatever happened to trivia mascots on the back of cards?  I think that we'd all be better served by having little trivia mascots pop up from time to time in our lives.  Imagine walking along and having a fuzzy creature come up to you and ask a question with promises of cash.  What would you do?


If my blogging life were like Roy Halladay's career, then I never would have left behind the 2000 season.  There are only so many pitches in an arm before it goes dead and apparently, there aren't infinite amount of thoughts about baseball cards.   If only I had a pensieve to withdraw memories of all the posts I had an idea for....then, I might have contended for the blogging pennant of 2046.  (Note: this paragraph was written by a future doppelganger)

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