May 7, 2015

Spring Cleaning 2015: Come and Claim Some Cards

I cleaned out a couple boxes that I felt didn't fit my collection, so somebody gets to claim these cards.  I am not organized to mail out several packages, so I've decided to organize these cards by division.  Each of those stacks is the cards from each of the divisions, so that's what I'm offering first.  I'm not sure how many cards there are per stack....I guess it looks like 200 or so.  It's a mix of many sets, and there definitely will be duplicates in the stack.  Some sets I remember a lot of cards of are 1999 Bowman, 2002 Bowman, 2003 Bowman, 1991 Stadium Club, and 2011 Topps.

Anyway, please claim a division.....individual teams are not yet up.  If you claim a division, there will be a bonus of some kind, feel free to forward me a want list or name a favorite team; my collection isn't that comprehensive, but I'll find something.

 Claim with a comment or email.

NL East (there are less Phillies in this stack for obvious reasons)-CLAIMED
NL West-

AL West-


John Hazen said...

oh sure.. Al Central please.

My teams are: Mets, Tigers, and braves.

Tony L. said...

I don't know that I've stopped by your blog before, but I found my way here now and would love to claim the NL Central -- since my team is the Milwaukee Brewers.

capewood said...

Since nobody has claimed the NL East, I will. Maybe you'll let slip a few Phillies I need. My teams are the Phillies and Astros.

Bo said...

Just saw this on Tony L.'s blog. If these are still available I'll claim the AL West. I'm a Yankee fan but collect everything.