Jun 26, 2015

VIntage Cards from Jim from Downingtown: A Long Overdue Trade Post

You know, sometimes you get cards and you can't recall how exactly how you stumbled upon them or bought them for? And then there are others that you can picture with such clarity that you recall the color of your socks, where you were, and how much you paid for the cards?

In this new-fangled world of trade by mail,  an assortment of vintage cards must assuredly come from Jim from Downingtown.  (Notice the link goes to his profile; there are so many blogs).

Getting cards from the 60s in the mail is probably the 3rd best card collecting feeling in the world after getting an autograph of your favorite player and ripping open 20 cases of cards in less than 3 nights (not that I've ever done that.)
1964 Topps Dick Williams:  You might better remember Dick Williams as the HOF manager with the killer sunglasses, but here he is finishing out his playing career in Boston.
1966 Topps Lew Krausse: The first card from a team name that doesn't exist, the Kansas City Athletics.  The young prospect was gearing up for his career year in 1966.
1965 Topps Turk Farrell: It's a Colt 45s card!  Now that's a team nickname that didn't last very long or easy to announce.  Farrell started and ended his career with the Phillies, but was a 3 time all star in Houston.
1964 Philadelphia Norm Snead: This is weird, this is a football card posted on this site. It's from a company called Philadelphia, which made football cards in the '60s.  Here he is, at the beginning of his Eagles career. He had over 30000 yards passing and is still 6th all time in interceptions.
1966 Topps Dave Mcnally: He was one of the famed quartet of the 1971 Orioles, which each won 20 games during the season.  That might never happen again until the bullpen becomes someplace where less pitchers hang out.
1963 Topps Dal Maxvill: We're both alumni of the same college, but he got to play with Stan Musial and I did not.

And then to top it off, there were a few 1968 game cards, which gave me the first Mantle card from his playing days I had ever owned (another followed, which will be the subject of another post at some point).  Check out the glory of the Mick, Yaz, and Hammerin' Hank.  (plus I would have a 1.000 OBP in this game and always win because I would never get an out).

Thanks to Jim!

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