Feb 10, 2016

2013 Topps Chrome Triple Box Break: Dreaming Ahead to Summer

With winter in full swing upon most of the country (except for where I am and the Southern Hemisphere), it's time to present cards that remind us of a time when sunglasses were the norm.  All baseball cards have that type of effect, but none more so than Topps Chrome because they're all about the shine.

Don some shades as we reflect and refract our way to a warmer, more bucolic location where there are no worries except making sure all the packs are ripped, the cards are sorted, and the shine blinds us from the cold reality outside.

Yasiel Puig is happy that summer is coming soon.  The refractory spirit is evident as he runs from the Mattingly-filled past.

And what's more summery than the sun-like shine of the gold refractor? David Freese tosses the idea to us before the snow blinds us all.
But still you shouldn't feel blue.  Fernando Rodney is bathed in the shiny blue, but that's not getting him down.  He's practicing his archery for when those haystacks on the farmstead are clear enough to hang targets on them.
Which would definitely give some the feeling of nostalgia of the days of yore of summer camp.  Matt Harvey is caught in this feeling as well, having washed out all the colors of the playing pepper in a flashback.
Unfortunately, you can not stay in the past, you must move forward or else you'll get burned by basking in the rays,  Desmond Jennings is with the Rays, but clearly not burning except to make it to first base.

Because that's where you ultimately make the connection with another player.  Reveling in days gone by and living up the days to come.  Mike Trout  is sure of  his bat to ball connection.

And there's no better connection than remembering and anticipating your next autograph.  This is Didi Gregorius's first auto.  Little did he know that he would replace a New York legend when he moved onto his next destination.

Just like we all don't know what the future will hold.  Dylan Bundy  has had no troubles that he could not foresee with injuries, but he is working his way back.

Because if there's nothing else that we can glean from baseball cards and life, is that the future is a chance for redemption.

Because they are both dynamic and ever changing.

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