Jul 27, 2017

Phillies Inkquest: Keith Moreland, 1980 Phillies

Baseball Biography:  
Keith Moreland was a catcher/third baseman/outfielder for the Phillies from 1978-1981.  He then left the Phillies in a trade to the Cubs engineered by his former manager, Dallas Green.  He stayed on the Cubs from 1982-1987, then moved onto the Padres, Tigers, and Orioles in rapid succession in 1988-1989, finishing his career. 

During his time with the Phillies, he served as a backup to Bob Boone at catcher and made appearances at third base, first base, and right field.  He showed some potential in his few playing appearances in Philly, but wasn't able to fully realize it until he was able to fill a full-time role with the Cubs from 1983-1987.  This culminated in his only 100+ RBI season in 1985 and a 27 HR season in 1987.

Role on the 1980 Phillies: He was the backup catcher and had a great haircut.  He batted .314/.341/.440, good for a 113 OPS+ , taking his place as the second best bat off the bench after Lonnie Smith.  He hit significantly better on the road (.866 OPS vs. 712 OPS at home) and owned the month of July, hitting .447/.476/.632.  He also made his mark in the World Series, going 4-12 with an RBI.

Card Facts: This is a 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes autograph card, and he is pictured in his Chicago (Cubs not allowed to be shown) uniform.   He had his best years though, so it's understandable. 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes came in a 12 pack box with 24 cards per pack and 3 autos per box.  You can still find boxes for ~$50.

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