May 24, 2010

Pack Break; 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes

Retro is in in the cardworld. No more so than in Toppsland where two heritage brands celebrating American history were released in 2009. Here's a break of a pack I bought in the heritage wayback machine.
August Wilson, 1962 Topps design: Best known for writing a ten play series called "The Pittsburgh Cycle", won two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama.

Herbert Hoover, 1966 Topps design: After his presidency, he started a meals program in the United States and England to help war survivors. One of the few presidents to live many years after leaving office.
An insert of Abraham's Lincoln's life: Picture the Mickey Mantle story without any bats.
Battle of Iwo Jima, 1961 Topps design: One of the greatest victoris for the American military during World War II in the Pacific.
Jackie Robinson, 1961 Topps design: A great moment, a great legacy.
Medal of Honor insert, George F. Shiels: Received the medal for "Voluntarily exposed himself to the fire of the enemy and went with 4 men to the relief of 2 native Filipinos Iying wounded about 150 yards in front of the lines and personally carried one of them to a place of safety." as an army surgeon.
Alexander Hamilton, 1986 Topps design: Besides being the first Secretary of the Treasury and noted dueller, he was on the of the progenitors of the fire department.
Medgar Evers, 1953 Topps design: Was first field secretary of the NAACP in Mississippi. Was one of the leaders of the case against the segregation of the University of Mississippi. Like many other leaders of that tumultuous time, he was killed by opposing forces soon after his accomplishment.

Just felt like opening a pack, what can I say?


Dave said...

Holy moly, I really like Alexander Hamilton with the "Bravest" logo. Very clever.

deal said...

August Wilson wrote a play called "Fences" where the main character is supposed to be a former baseball player. I don't really remember it now, read it about 10 yrs ago.

I think the main char was originally played by James Earl Jones