May 14, 2010

Some Stadium Shots from an Attended Game and It's Card Show Weekend

I was fortunate to see Roy Halladay pitch as a Phillie when they visited San Francisco on April 26. Unfortunately, this was the outing where he received his only loss so far this year. I think I should seek to not see the Phillies anymore in other stadiums. Since 2007, I am 0 for 6. Therefore, I will speak not of the game on the field

Here's the view of the field and ballpark from my seats behind first base at the rear of the first level. I liked these seats for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there was a unvarnished view of the field. Second, for right handed batters, there was a great view of the strikezone. Third, the section was one step away from the tasty fajita and nachos place they have in the stadium. Last, we were shielded from the wind, which from those of you who have ever been to a game in San Francisco, know this is very important, especially at night.

I went with an eclectic mix of folks. People wearing Phillies hats, Giants hats, and A's hats. And in my group there were also a couple of Mets fans. It's easy to enjoy a baseball game with friends on a Monday evening.

Also, there's a card show in Daly City, CA (one of the Tristar ones)that I will be attending on Sunday morning (before my soccer game, of course). I haven't been to a real card show since 1999. I hope it's fun. Wish me luck!

Oh, and enjoy the images below. I am trying to get the rest from the friend who actually remembered to bring the camera to the game.

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AdamE said...

Good luck at the card show. I hope you find some good stuff for youself.

And good on your soccer game. I gave up playing a few years ago (for the most part) I will have a soccer filled weekend also watching my kids from the sidelie aand refereeing 3 games Saturday afternoon.