Jul 27, 2010

2002 Topps Gallery Pack Break

This pack was won from a contest over at Play at the Plate when I correctly prognosticated that Ubaldo Jimenez would be the majors' first 10 game winner this year. Other cards were included, but I just felt like opening a pack and scanning all the cards together.

2002 Topps Gallery was the second edition of Gallery with painted card subjects. This time the design had a fading brushstroked border with white space beneath which featured the player and team name. There was a 150 card base set, 151-200 were inserted 1 per pack and included the rookies and retired players. The best rookie card in the set is Joe Mauer (1:50 chance for the Mauer!) Inserts included Topps Gallery Heritage (1:12 packs), Relics (1:85 packs), and Autographs (1:192 packs). The odds are against me.

84-Fred McGriff-"The Crime Dog" in a Cubbies uni
72-JT Snow-who was a better fielder: JT Snow or John Olerud?
172-Tony Fontana: This guy is not Joe Mauer. He never made the majors, though he did have promising minor league stats. He was finished pitching at the age of 23. Was it injuries?
1-Jason Giambi: When Giambi signed with the Yankees, he lost his power just like Samson did. He was not the same force of nature as he was the A's.

3-Bret Boone-coming off a career year in 2001 with .337 AVG, 37 HR, and 141 RBI. That was a come from nowhere season.
9-Jorge Posada- Somehow he still dons the tools of ignorance with the Yankees and still has managed to not get many pictures in the New York Post.

That was a fun pack break...."pick yourself up off the side of the road, with your elevator bones and your whip flash tones..."

And fade to black.

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Dave said...

Yeah, that was an awesome pack break. Those cards hold up well.