Sep 1, 2010

2008 Upper Deck Heroes: Dual Pack Break Highlights

With this, I am not promoting the tenets of dualism, but rather the concept of heroism as depicted in card form.

Chipper Jones/Ryan Braun/Miguel Cabrera green parallel #d/499: They are heroes because they all couldn't field well enough at 3B at some point in their careers and had to be moved to other positions. (anyone remember the Chipper LF experiment in Atlanta when Vinny Castilla played 3B?) This teaches us that perseverance is a key trait to possess.
Joe Mauer: expressed heroism by winning the 2006 AL batting title. It was an initiation of sorts since he also went on to win the 2008 and 2009 batting titles as well.
Don Mattingly: was a hero because he won the 1985 AL MVP award, inspiring Mark Teixeira to be a professional baseball player, join the Yankees, and fulfill his dream of winning the World Series and earning $20 million a year. Plus, he inspired a whole generation of kids that played with velcro sideburns.
Eric Chavez blue parallel #d/199: Though on the card, it says he won his 6th Gold Glove award in 2006, this was foreshadowing to the depths of depression which he would endure. It was unfortunate, his career path. Here's to Eric Chavez, the ultimate Moneyballer.
Erik Bedard: led the AL in K/9 in 2007. It just goes to show that being left handed is not the disadvantage that we;re told it is in elementary school (if you write that way, your handwriting will smear all over the paper)
Brad Penny: started the 2006 All-Star game, giving credence to fast starts and forgotten finishes. This is not heroic, a hero finishes all tasks.

Brandon Webb: won the 2006 NL Cy Young award. Again, perseverance is showcased. Just look at his 2004 stats (and the 2004 Diamondback team). It is a testament to his character and awesome sinker he was able to bounce back from that debacle.

Lastly, Stan Musial and Albert Pujols are the Atlases of the St Louis baseball world. They have hoisted that city on their sturdy shoulders and lifted the spirits of the ever-shrinking Metropolis during their respective times there, especially during those terrible, terrible summer weather days (I lived in St Louis for over 5 years, I know what I'm saying)

Also, for those curious, here's the card-by-card breakdown of the packs.

Pack 1
101 Joe Mauer
135 Chase Utley
157 Troy Glaus
189 Chipper Jones/Ryan Braun/Miguel Cabrera green parallel(303/499)-a trio of powerful sluggers
178 Albert Pujols/Stan Musial-birds of a feather flock together
58 Garrett Atkins
88 Brad Penny
155 Erik Bedard

Pack 2
34 Wade Boggs
107 David Wright
125 Don Mattingly
128 Eric Chavez blue parallel 161/199
199 Ken Griffey Jr/Roberto Clemente/Vladimir Guerrero/Joe Dimaggio-a quartet of dazzling outfield defenders I'd like to examine this claim in more detail at some point
24 Jacoby Ellsbury
84 Howie Kendrick
1 Brandon Webb

Upper Deck Heroes, what a concept, in more ways than one.

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