Sep 25, 2010

Stats on the Back Tradeaway: pre-'80s edition

Every so often Mark from Stats on the Back holds a tradeaway in which he lists some cards, you request cards from the list, then you send him at least one card in return. I, of course, am a terrible person at entering the post office zone, so I hope that by the time this post is posted that he's received his end of the deal.

All the cards that were posted and requested were of the vintage variety.

1960 Topps Bobby Gene Smith: Significant Stat: Led the NL in fielding % in 1962 by not committing an error in 112 games.
1968 Topps Clay Dalrymple: Significant Stat: In 1962, had a greater than 2:1 BB:K ratio (70:32), leading to a .393 OBP, especially impressive for a catcher.
1971 Topps 1970 American League Batting Leaders: Alex Johnson and Carl Yastrzemski tied for the lead with .329 AVG in 1970, it was the last year Johnson hit over .300.
1971 Topps 1970 AL RBI Leaders: Frank Howard may have been the best home run hitter who wore glasses ever. A league leading 44 HR and 126 RBI in 1970 help illustrate that fact.
1969 Topps Mike Ryan: Significant Stat: Led the AL in assists by a catcher with 79 in one of two seasons in which he was the 1st string catcher in his career.
1969 Topps 1968 American League Home Run Leaders: In the year of the pitcher, these three were the only ones to surpass 30 home runs in the AL.
1963 Topps Frank Lary: Known as the Yankee Killer (which is why I chose this card), he had 56 career starts against the Yankees, more than against any other team, and was 28-13 with a 3.32 ERA. His least favorite team was the Kansas City Athletics vs. whom he was 13-14 with a 4.08 ERA.

And lastly 1968 Topps Gene Mauch (traded edition) since he seemed to have just started managing the Expos when this person acquired the card. Thankfully, they didn't mention what happened in 1964 on the back of his card.

Thanks Mark!


Jim from Downingtown said...

Mauch was manager of the year in 1964? I didn't know that.

Dan said...

I didn't either, they must have had the balloting before September 10th and before talking to Bunning and Short.