Jun 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

With June comes the summer swoon.....

News and Notes from Around the Collection

I've nearly completed the first phase of my Phillies Project.  I'm down to one card to have every rookie and card in a Phillies uniform from the 1980 World Series team...the 1965 Topps Tug McGraw.  Of course, I'm never getting that 1963 Topps Pete Rose...follow-up efforts were fruitless.  So, I'll just use the redemption card for awhile.   The second and third phase are also coming along nicely....anyone have 1972 Topps HI #s of Phillies? 

2011 Bowman pricing trends have been pretty wild since its release.  It's funny because the Bryce Harper train is on the same track.  Two days before release hobby boxes were at $68, they then reached a peak of $92, and have now settled back into the $75-80 range.  Chasing autos and refractors of prospects is so hypnotizing, the initial hype always blinds the voice of the conscience to not jump on the train when prices are rising.

Re: the previous item....I am very guilty of it.  I have my Bryce Harper chrome rookie and base rookie with perfect corners and they will pay for....... a dinner at a restaurant someday.

Sometimes I feel like a magpie when collecting cards.  The Diamond Stars inserts from Topps series 2 are over the top shiny, but  I covet every one of them and want to hoard them in my sock drawer so that no one else can take them.  And then I will get spoons....

I have opened more boxes in this last month than in the last 6 months combined.  I finally decided having unopened boxes sitting in my collection cabinet was a burden of anticipation that I couldn't handle anymore.  All are now freed from their foil and mylar prisons and will now revel in the darkness of the cabinet!

Conversely, I haven;t scanned anything in months and months.  Part of that is my scanner is wireless and so I have to be in a different room from the computer to scan stuff.  The other is that laziness wins.  Also, I want a scanner bed that can do more than 9 cards at a time.  Tedium at its finest. 

I am really excited for the Ginter this year.  Why?  Because I can continue my streak of eventually completing all the Ginter sets.  I have 2006-2009 and still working on 2010.  Wantlists.....are still not updated.  I think I need 30 cards or something.  Curse you hand collation!

Speaking of....I'm going to go a different way here and have decided I really dislike collecting Topps Heritage.  This may not make sense, but I really, really like this year's set, but I want nothing more to do with it.  It's so tantalizingly pseudo-vintage with dreams of retired players' jerseys, stamps, and a mint collection coin.  But I will never complete the set in a million years, not even with a 30 shortprint headstart (ok, I actually only have 4 in real life).  Without completion, there is no meaning.  Therefore, Topps Heritage has no meaning....kind of like this post.

I'm thinking of starting a set of the month club.  I don't know what we'd do except trade cards from that set and pontificate on how excited we were to find doubles in the same pack of 1994 Upper Deck.  On second thought, I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member.

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