Jun 25, 2011

Pack Break: 2011 Heritage Blister Pack

I have a sickness....and the only cure is wood-grain textures. Seriously, what is the allure of the card aisle at Target? It's always a mess, there's packs at full price. I don't how many Pokemon I can name from the wrappers, but it's definitely more than three.

I got this for the promise of black parallels and to observe the awesomeness of the 1962 Topps card back and the realistic cartoons.

282 Aaron Harang
93 Nick Swisher
298 Jason Kubel-Behold the motion lines and the look of satisfacation.
112 Luke Scott
151 Arthur Rhodes
3 David Ortiz

293 Jonathon Niese
Then & Now Bob Gibson/Jered Weaver-This card highlighted K leaders from the two years in question.  Jered Weaver, who knew?
17 Jayson Werth

135 Babe as a Boy
385 Mark Buehrle
62 Brandon Inge
361 Randy Wolf

C22 Chrome Brad Lidge 0974/1962-If this doesn't say '60s to you, I don't know what does. Lidge seems to have fallen into a sea of bottom ocean plankton.  I kid, I love Heritage chrome cards.
391 Martin Prado AS-I really like how there's some all-star cards that aren't shortprints in this year's edition.  The Sporting News did rule the discourse (and provide some of the only out of town boxscores)
103 Brandon Phillips
217 Don Mattingly
256 Ruben Tejada

92 Armando Galarraga
327 Jose Lopez
384 Oakland Athletics
138 The Famous Slugger-This card is interesting because the text on the back talks about his 1925 season, his worst year as a regular Yankee.  This may be the year of the stomachache heard 'round the world (or it may be 1922)
449 Elvis Andrus SP-1 down, 74 to go...that I will never attempt. Elvis looks happy to be a defending AL champion.
251 Texas Rangers
139 Babe Hits 60
210 Evan Meek
227 Cliff Lee

Black Parallels-the raison d'etre for the purchase.  Jennings should be making an appearance in Tampa soon.  I mean, will Justin Ruggiano hold back this prospect wunderkind?  I haven't heard from Pelfrey lately; I think he's hurt.  And the always popular (for Phillies fans) Clifton Phifer has pitched two straight complete game shutouts, which he needs to the way the offense has performed....not that I'm complaining.

C96 Desmond Jennings
C32 Mike Pelfrey
C46 Cliff Lee

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