Sep 6, 2011

Where is Domonic Brown?

Here's Domonic Brown as a Red Hot Rookie Redemption from 2010 Topps.  I'm glad that these aren't a part of the Topps brand anymore.  Filling out redemption cards which are redeemed months later just makes them untimely and at best, disappointing..  Are they even considered rookie cards by the general collecting public?

I've heard he;s had trouble in the minors since being sent down after the Hunter Pence trade (.760 OPS), which is actually comparable to his major league OPS (.728).  Of course, this is significantly better than the production of both Raul Ibanez (.703) and Ben Francisco (.701).

Assuming his confidence isn't broken this year, his production from the left side and overall non-statuesque fielding would be an upgrade over the current left field occupants.  It would be better at the age of 24 to be broken in during the time of September call-ups since a playoff spot is all but assured at this point (seriously...17 games up with 24 to play). 

The questions is whether he would be able to make the playoff roster.  I would rather have Brown on the bench over Ross Gload and John Bowker.  He would make a more compatible platoon with John Mayberry (who has been a pleasant surprise this year) in terms of overall production.  Plus, it would behoove the Phillies to further develop their only major league ready prospect they have for this season.

In a season with so many positives, the fact that I'm semi-griping about this shows there's not much to complain about.  I'm just happy to be a fan of a team with a real shot in October.

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