Oct 20, 2011

Can it Be? Is This a Trade Post from an Order of Angels? Survey Says....

10 out of 10 people agree that trade posts display cards in them.  However, only 5 out of 10 people believe that trade posts actually cause people to turn into traders.  Can the pernicious influence of the trade post be stopped?  Will it infiltrate our precious and fragile human psyche and cause us to want to barter anything and everything for pieces of foil and cardboard?  I will listen to any offer that includes my car at this time for a low numbered Bryce Harper auto refractor....

Thankfully, the gent from The Angels, In Order needed no such provocation to have a trade with me.  When there's a trade with me, it occurs....slowly.  So, first I thank him for his patience and then gamely slogging through the jungle wasteland of magnetic cardboard that plagues our planet's surface to discover hidden gems to deposit into the kingdom of the wantlist.  What did he discover?

 1998 Bowman Bobby Higginson: There was a time when I thought Bobby Higginson was a great player.  He was pretty good for awhile and he went to Temple, so that bumps him up a couple levels in my book.
 2010 Topps Update Rob Johnson: Remember when Jason Kendall played? Did anyone buy 2010 Topps update?  Who is Rob Johnson?
 1998 Bowman Ralph Milliard:  This was before Bowman proudly proclaimed first cards on every prospect card even if it isn't their first card and they had a prospect card in a a previous year's set, but it's not recognized as a rookie card because it doesn't have that strange logo, even though it's an MLB licensed card.  Does anyone understand the rookie card rule?
 1999 Bowman Kenny Lofton: 1999 Bowman is the cooler cousin of 1998 Bowman....there I said it.  It had marbleization and Then & Now backs for the veteran cards and it was right-signed instead of left-signed and had much better international parallels.
 2010 Topps Update Alex Gonzalez: "Take that Yunel Escobar!  You are no match for me!  You say we were traded for each other?  To be challenged? Fine, I challenge you to a leaping duel.....to the pain!"
 2010 Topps Update Lance Zawarski: You know what I miss? The old Padres uniforms with the brown and yellow.  These are so generic and don't remind me of the beach at all.  Plus, the stadium may look over the water, but it's really hard to see past structure to the water....I call a rebuild.
2010 Topps Update Mike Gonzalez: He's in the World Series!  He escaped the Orioles!  He's left handed!  I hate that he's in the World Series and I'm not.  I want to be left handed.  Did you know I used to practice throwing with both hands when I threw tennis balls against the wall so that I could learn to throw with either hand?  All that got me was learning how to play pool poorly with my left hand and make me left footed....the world works in mysterious ways.

Thanks for the trade Tom! It's great to get these elusive cards.....


The Angels In Order said...

Every time I come across a Bobby Higginson card, for some strange reason I think, "Hmm I should try to get this signed." Yet I never have. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

No, I no one understands the Rookie Card rule -- especially Topps. I plant to rant about this in an upcoming post.