Oct 12, 2011

Junior High Countdown: 52. 1993 Studio

The Stats

A 220 card set in one series with 12 cards per pack and 36 packs per box.  The SRP at the time was probably $1.49 per pack.

The Design

Studio always had a focus on the face of the player, and this edition was no different.  This set had the player's portrait superimposed over a background of the team's uniform.  The player's signature was emblazoned in foil across the bottom third of the card.   The back was an expose on the player's interests, thoughts, and inspirations....there were definitely new facts to discover.

The Rookies
The most recognizable rookie name was JT Snow. 

The Inserts
There were four insert sets in 1993 Studio.
1. Studio Heritage (1 in 12 packs). This was probably the most visually striking of the sets.  It dressed players in throwback uniforms with a sepia flavor.
2. Frank Thomas: A 5 card set showing the lighter side of the "Big Hurt", showcasing the spokesman for 1993 Donruss/Leaf products.
3. Silhouettes (inserted only in jumbo packs): A weird concept with the action shot of the player being a shadow on top a ghosted portrait image.
4. Superstars on Canvas: Player portraits with an artistic flair, think of a precursor to Topps Gallery.

The Impact

Seriously minimal impact, the sepia tones and throwback jerseys of the Heritage insert influenced some other insert sets through the years (I'm thinking of 1994 Score Dream Team first).  The portrait style really created its own niche until the end of its 15 year run.


1993 Studio was an upgrade over the previous editions in 1991 and 1992, embellishing the photographic aspects while at the same time staying true to the brand's core of player portraits and player profiles (no stats were necessary).  The insert sets were appropriate and gave the overall release a little extra to round out the presentation.  It was an enjoyable set to buy individual packs of, but there was nothing inherently extravagant or innovative about it.   The backgrounds of the cards were great and really enabled it to surpass similar offerings during this time period.  This is why is sits in the middle of the countdown as an enjoyable, but not unforgettable set. 

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Brad said...

first big hit, mike minor autograph blue refractor!