Jan 22, 2012

2012: Finally Coming Back for More

Did you miss me from my year-long mini-hiatus? It sure felt like I was away, but I wasn't....I was just buried under the avalanche of cards I never organize or scan.   Also, the cereal mountain in my living room didn't help. Here are the resolutions for the 2012, both collecting and blogging-style.

Collection Goals
I'm going to go against the grain and say that I don't want to focus anymore.  I want to eclecticize....if that's a word.  What does this mean?  Well, there's really two aspects to my current collection: the team collection aspect (represented by the many, many Phillies cards) and the set collection aspect (represented by all those sets that I've been collecting since I first began this semi-obsession).  I do want to continue those. 

Phillies goals: Finish 1970-1986, 2011, 1961, and 1962 teams sets
Set Goals: Finish 2011 A&G, 2011 Gypsy Queen, one or more of the Bowmans, and pick up any others
New Set Goals: 2012 Topps and A&G will be the focus
Eclecticization:  Start going after the interesting products that are in the price range, but don't give many cards or any at all such as the stuff like Pete Rose Legacy, Onyx signed ball stuff, maybe a cut signature product. Find singles that pop in the hand and will be an awe-inspiring centerpiece for a display collection.  Begin the process of collecting Phillies stars from the '50s.

This could serve until I find what satisfies the overwhelming urge to browse through cards and purchase them at the latest enticing special.

Blogging Goals: This one is simple...do more.  Three times a week should be a minimum just to get this blog on the roll again...I need to stop starting posts and not finishing them...maybe if I finished the posts before I start them, then I'd understand where I was going with them.   Then, there's other stuff....answer all e-mails within a week...this is tough for me since I'm a compulsive non-answerer, but I will do better.  I will also send out trade packages much sooner than I have been...they tend to sit on my bookshelf all ready to go for months...I must get over this fear of the post office.  Lastly, and most importantly, I will never use cards as an excuse to not go snorkeling...this one is resolute.

Anybody have anything else they'd like to see me finish that I've started over the almost 3 years I've been doing this?  I will continue periodically with the Junior High Countdown for sure, also the 20 game loser list, I may be HOFed out at this point.   I'm willing to take suggestions for expanding content or bringing back content I may have forgotten I used to write.   Happy 2012....a month late...isn't that just typical of me?

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Play at the Plate said...

Welcome back from your not really hiatus!