Jan 25, 2012

2012 Topps: Preview of the "Continuity Program Insert"

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You know what that sound is? It's the sound of the 2012 baseball card season crashing down upon your ears. Remember the rushing around of December and the doldrums of January? Well, those are now over to be replaced by the deluge of 2012 cards, highlighting the achievements of the 2011 season. Then, we can also chase a new crop of rookies that doesn't include Bryce Harper...until his major league debut, when we can get cards with his rookie card logo on them...and then we can get non-prospect Bryce Harper rookies all over again.

I am excited, I am giddy, hey, look is that a wrapper tornado? I am not one to get all righteous about gimmickry and strange ideas, for the introduction of Topps series 1 is a rite of spring...it is the fledgling series, the gateway into the immersion of card piles, the step-up to the challenge matrix...(though I will say that the Pujols and Reyes cards are about the same level of annoying as those "Abe Lincoln variations" from 2010 Topps or any variation from Heritage lately, what will distinguish them besides the photo and will the wrong one end up in a quarter bin some day?)

One of the interesting pieces to the "flagship" Topps brand has been the insert that goes on forever or the continuity insert through all 3 series, which tend to be in a style different than the rest of the inserts. 2009 and 2010 had Turkey Red and 2011 had Kimball Champion Minis. This year there are 1987 Topps minis, which are a whole other different size mini than the mini we're used to. In other words, I'm not sure about these fitting into the 15 pocket pages, but we'll see. Shown below is what they would look like if they cribbed all the features of the original.

Notice the simplicity of the front: wood border, cloud inner border,player superimposed over ghosted background,  player name in capital letters, Topps logo.  Easy enough to duplicate, right?  The Phillies will not be sporting these uniforms in this year's version though.
On the back, there's the team logo, the previous year's stat line, a lifetime stat line, and a huge amount of space to state Major League Leaders in a whirling dervish of a font.

There will be 150 cards like this scattered throughout the flagship series.  I have mixed feelings, depending on the size, checklist, and overall feel of the cards once I get them in hand.  Let's hope it's not on foilboard.

Mini rant: 50 hobby wrappers or 14 jumbo wrappers for the Gold Rush program?! I'm going to need to purchase wrappers now if I want a 5 card pack.  I ordered a jumbo box this year (which has 10), who buys 4 individual jumbo packs?  So if you do, I will trade for the wrappers. Gah (end mini rant)

 One week to go, then the rites of spring begin....Topps series 1 is the harbinger....ready the heraldry.


deal said...

I think these will be hated. depends on the subjects - but I really don't give thes much of a chance.

moremonkeys138 said...

I believe they will actually look more like 1987 Topps flagship, as opposed to the mini leaders cards. If thats the case, I would be chasing them.

Kev said...

what do you think about continuing insert sets into the "update" set? i feel like they should end with series 2 - i never feel like the update set is part of the "real" set...

Dan said...

@moremonkeys: it looks like you're right, though I haven't seen the backs yet. I'm still not sure how big they are, my box is still on its way...

@Kev: I like it if it's limited to one insert set. Ideally, everything should be contained within one year. One recent example where it wasn't was the ring of honor insert set. I didn't like the 2008/2009 overlap.
I agree the update set is separate in general.