Mar 17, 2012

Contest Winnings from Sports Card Info

I would never buy a box of Playoff Contenders for a few reasons.  One is because it's out my price range; two is because the label-less hats remind me of the hats I wore in T-ball, and three is because there's just something about getting minor league autos all the time that irks me. 

Besides all that, this is a great looking card (#d to 99 for those curious), and it's called Sweet Signs.  I guess that means it would make an awesome road sign or the signature is sweet or the card is coated with sugar. 

In any case, cheers to Sports Card Info for drawing my name.  If you haven't seen his site, you should have by now....he's been around at least since 2008, has a ton of giveaways, and is one of the leading experts in indentifying counterfeits.

Until next time....

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