Mar 23, 2012

A Small Trade Shout-out to Kickoff the Weekend

I know there's a few strings of thought on this topic in the burgeoning hobby world some possibly like to call the cardblogosphere.  Some are all about the trade post....others are all about hiding the trade post in the sidebar, and still others do not wish to talk about it for fear that it will take over their blog.

I wish I were more conscientious in recognizing those who spent the time to mail things to me whether in a trade or because they thought I would like something.  In turn, I wish I did more of that sort of thing for other people.  That was one of my goals for this year, to reciprocate and communicate better with those who contact me. And because the former baseline was nearly zero, I think I've improved....but it can be much better.

Excuse the introspection in what is mainly an outrospective (extrospective?) media.  For all those who have contacted me in vain in the past, I don't forget, I just get lost in the rabbit hole with my little jars of teas and crumpets at which point the river of cards flow over me, and I'm forced through a door where the only thing I can see is collectors running in circles after bouncing boxes and flapping pack wrappers, which are then chasing after bricks (don't ask).   I digress....

Here was a pleasantly small trade I completed recently with Justin of The Hopeful Chase.  When I posted the first packs of hockey cards I had opened in 18 years, he saw two cards he liked and he had two cards that would appeal to me.  An old-fashioned two for two challenge trade like Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar for Tony Fernandez and Fred McGriff....except with cards we both wanted.

I received a 2011 Topps Joe Blanton, who this year will be counted on to be more than an injured elbow with the Phillies.  I think he's wearing the 4th of July cap on this card.

 And also received a 2009 Allen and Ginter black bordered mini of Chase Utley, which is a totally wicked card of a player that needs to get well soon. 
The best part is that these cards allowed me to fill in enough spots (according to my arbitrary counting methods) to begin the modern-era Phillies binder.  All Allen & Ginter mini Phillies will be the cover/first pages of the binder, and the 2011 section has now been combined and collated and otherwise happily slid into their polymeric pockets.

I'm still on the lookout for more Phillies minis and 2011 Phillies (all now featured in their own tabs on the wantlist consolidated page).

Thanks Justin!

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