Jun 22, 2012

2012 Topps Archives Jumbo Pack Break

Here's a quickie pack break of the latest fun and filling entry into the baseball card market, 2012 Topps Archives. (also, to see more packs open in which you will have a vested interest, join the group break that can be more fun than a water slide. ) It will probably be the only pack I purchase of it (though I did participate in a group break).  I really don't like the base cards that much because it feels disjointed in a sense.  I wish each design had some kind of theme for the players that were represented.  (1954 Topps for pitchers, 1971 Topps for league leaders....or something).  Like for most, the fan favorite shortprints and autos are really the draw of the product.   There are also interesting inserts I wouldn't mind seeing (3-D, Deckle Edge, In Action) What did this pack break bring for me with 14 cards for $5.49, at a not so terrible $.39 per card.

You'll see it was not a star-studded pack.

83-Craig Kimbrel (71)-ROY-Jo!  (h/t to Stale Gum for the phrasing.)
33- Jon Lester (54)-struggling
156-Ubaldo Jimenez (84)-struggling

126-Rickie Weeks(80)-really struggling
90-Joe Mauer (71)-swinging like it's 2008

24-Lance Berkman (54)-injured
134-Chris Carpenter (80)-injured

101-Adrian Gonzalez (80)-struggling
54-Jemile Weeks (71)-Mendozian struggling
5-Freddie Freeman (54)-sophomore slumping

56R-THU-Torii Hunter Relic- This is a really nice design in the 1956 Topps style plus it's a relic with stats on the back!.  And even more impressively, it reads,  "Topps pledges to bring you closer to the game from the past, present, and future!"  I think I want a relic card from the future now.

183-Dan Uggla (84)
82-Jose Reyes (71)
32-Adam Jones (54)-I scanned this card for the return of the cartoon bird hat.
That's all there was.  I can see how collecting this set could be fun, but I'm not going to unless forced to by circumstances.  If you want to buy this set, buy a hobby box, get the autos, and enjoy the penmanship.


Arno said...

Haha. Relic card from the future!

Brad's Blog said...

I'm going for the archives master set, almost done getting my list together, i have 3 base sets though so thats something.