Jun 2, 2012

What the Junkie Hath Wrought

Many moons ago, sometime before I learned to stop leaving cards on the desk for weeks at a time, I received a package from the noteworthy dayf of the renowned Cardboard Junkie blog.  This deal was struck at the peak of the pony-capades. He asked for junk (pack dividers and such) and in return, he sent whatever he pleased.  I was pleased by what he was pleased to send in return for 50 pack dividers.
2000 Topps Brett Myers rookie: This was the first Myers rookie I have had in my collection.  This gets me one step closer of trying for a trifecta of every 2008 Phillies team member (probably not going to happen anytime soon).
Scott Rolen Metal Mining for Gold: I like metal, it can be magnetic.

Topps Gallery Mike Schmidt: I do enjoy a Mike Schmidt in a fielding pose.  They just mentioned on MLB network that Zimmerman did a Schmidt play (charged a ball, fielded it bare-handed and threw it to first)
2002 Topps Heritage Nelson Figueroa: One of the players received in the Curt Schilling trade, he came back for another whirl with the Phillies in 2010.
2001 Fleer Futures Pat Burrell: This set was like 1959 Topps on a lunar mission.
2005 Topps Chrome Mike Lieberthal: It's a shame that Lieberthal never played on a Phillies playoff team, he should be more fondly remembered.
Jim Thome Classic Portraits: Thome's return to the Phillies this year has not worked as well as first visit to CBP in 2003-2005.
2004 Donruss Jimmy Rollins: Has always been tres cool, now he needs to start getting on base again.

There were also many non-Phillies cards, of which these caught my eye the most.
Fleer Premium Edgar Martinez: When I was in junior high, there was a card shop I used to go to that had semistar boxes for all the brands.  I used to love to go through these boxes and pick out cards of players who I thought were good, but were not listed in Beckett.  I have quite the collection of Edgar Martinez, Moises Alou, and Craig Biggio cards from these boxes.
Ovation Gary Sheffield:  The textured seam design rears its head again.
1997 Upper Deck Cal Ripken: I unequivocally love this card. It's from a set that has a caption for every photo, and this one in particular has the logo for the 1996 all-star game in Philadelphia.
2003ish Upper Deck Willie Stargell Piece of History:  A big card of the head of the family.
2001 EX Hit&Run insert: This is a weird card from a usually design-oriented brand.
2001 Sweet Spot Larry Walker: This is from the inaugural Sweet Spot set.  Walker for his career hit .381/.462/.710 in Colorado.
2004 Upper Deck Matsui Chronicles:  I'm not sure what set this is exactly from, but it seems Godzilla's every step was chronicled during his rookie season.
Mid-2000s Ultra Clint Barmes:  This is a short printed gold version of those Ultra sets that look exactly the same at the end of their run.
2005 Topps Chrome Matt Holliday: Not as famous as his most famous slide (2007 playoff game), but a rookie cup card of a star (6 years after his official rookie card).

Of course, the piece de resistance of the package is shown below.....ponies! dancing! from the pencil of the dayf.
Luna is not pleased...

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