Oct 18, 2012

A Couple More 1956 Topps Phillies

The accumulation of vintage Phillies cards continues unabated by time, space, and orbs of glowing glucose.   Today's presentation is from the majestic 1956 Topps set, in which I was able to acquire two more cards for the team set.  These cards are so big that they don't even fit into standard 9 pocket pages; this must have been done on purpose....(yes, the standard size wasn't set until 1957; with this fact, I'm surprised there's not more border-trimmed 1956 cards out there)

In any case, first on the list is Murry Dickson.  He had a fascinating career.  He served in WWII.  He won World Series rings with the Cardinals twice while in his 20s and with the Yankees while in his 40s.  He led the league in losses 3 consecutive years, and the first of those years was a 20 loss season following a 20 win season.  He also finished 9th in MVP voting that selfsame year.  As a Phillie, he had one full season, experiencing a renaissance year at the age of 38, finishing 12-11 with a 3.50 ERA.   For reference, the list of pitchers with a 20 loss season directly following a 20 win season is Steve Carlton, Wilbur Wood, Jerry Koosman, Mel Stottlemyre, Larry Jackson, Bobo Newsom, Hooks Dauss, and Eppa Rixey among possible others.
This is the first Phillies team card issued in a major issue set.  I love how they're called Coach xxx and Manager Smith in case you couldn't tell from the absolute clarity of the picture.  Is Del Ennis really wearing a suit in this team photo?  And who's the guy in the polo? It's unclear if the list at the bottom only includes players and coaches.  Were those the trainer and manager?  Inquiring minds need to know these things.

I definitely need more of these cards.

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i got you that whole set.. stop acquiring them.