Oct 10, 2012

All the Way From the Backstop (a swapping cards edition)

In a quest to reconcile where I get cards from and for what purpose, I found these cards curiously labeled "backstop01....09".  This means that was from the writer of the Pads-centric blog  All the Way to the Backstop.  He must have sent me a wide variety of Phillies, I remember a stack a mile-high, but more realistically, it was 100 cards or so.  So let me give a retroactive shout out and display of Phillies cards from modern and bygone eras.
1992 Ultra Charlie Hayes: memorable Phillies moment: catching the last out of the first Phillies no-hitter in Veterans Stadium.
1996 Select Darren Daulton:  Just Read This....trust me.
1993 Upper Deck Team Card Hammer & Nails: This was a portrait of the hitting soul of that crazy '93 team.  I can't imagine where they got the name of the card though, must be some nickname angle.
1998 Donruss "Bob" Abreu:  I never heard him referred to Bobby ever in all his years as a Phillie.  He did have 6 straight seasons of greater than 136 OPS+ and 20 HRs.  My guess is that only Mike Schmidt and Chuck Klein matched him, but I didn't do the research.
2012 Topps Opening Day Cole Hamels:  The elder statesman of the Phillies pitching staff somehow set a career high in wins this year with 17.
2012 Bowman Gold Shane Victorino: "Not at my head, bro", and then he'll run you down.
1991 Leaf Dickie Thon: When he hit 15 HRs in 1989, I thought he was the greatest shortstop ever.  How come he's never mentioned as a lost career a la Herb Score or Tony Conigliaro?
1989 Donruss MVP Kevin Gross: Interesting fact: led the NL in batters hit for 3 straight years as a Phillie.
1995 Topps Ricky Bottalico: Have you noticed that first year closers have a lot of success and 2nd year closers don't have so much success?  Has there ever been a case study done for this?

This was a great mix of cards to get.  Thanks again.

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Backstop Cards said...

Glad you liked 'em! I really liked those team cards from 93 Upper Deck set. I guess Dykstra's nickname was "Nails", so everybody else had to be "Hammers". The Padres card (which I'm still on the lookout for) had Gwynn, Sheffield, McGriff, and... Phil Plantier. In my book, a pretty sweet card.