Feb 6, 2013

Cards from the Team Set Completion Maestro (Cards on Cards) Part 2

In the second part of the trade package, Kerry from Cards on Cards brought in the more modern card sensibilities as well as the cards from the bygone era when cards were valuable pieces to be stored and treasured until they overran the earth in revenge against their toploader oppressors.
2012 Topps Golden Futures Domonic Brown: I've written about this many times, but the fact that he will probably again be benched by inferior ballplayers is a travesty in player development.  There's a reason he was the #4 prospect in all of baseball in 2010....because he was killing it in the minors.  With the injuries and the league yo-yoing, he's bordering on losing the luster of that prospect status.  He;s still only 25, but seriously, Delmon Young?  Someone who can't field or get on base getting a possible guaranteed spot in the outfield?    Color me gag purple.....not golden.
2009 Upper Deck X5 Chase Utley:  This is a curious set because it has the worst name ever.  It's like it took the special of SPx and became the forgotten stepchild of the Upper Deck canon.  These exponential (xcuse me, xponential.....how xistentially xciting) inserts seem like they belong on another plane of xistence.  Utley is jumping out of the card at me by traveling through the 5th dimension.....and that would be the tesseract, which was discovered much later than Einstein.
2012 Topps Update Blockbusters Steve Carlton: Blockbuster, challenge trade, whatever you want to call it:  the Phillies won this trade.  It must be a nice feeling to win a trade.  I am a terrible trader in fantasy sports because I try to give people what I think they want.  Was this the most lopsided trade in their favor in Phillies history?  The Schilling-Grimsley or Abreu-Stocker trades may rival it.
2010 Topps CYMTO Mike Schmidt:  You can see what the acronym stands for on the card back.  The front would be a normal 1976 Topps Mike Schmidt.  I always thought those reprint sets should have some type of indication on the front so that it would be less confusing.
2010 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Cole Hamels:  Behold the standard bearer!  Behold the baseball hero!  All of the Phillies' hopes rest on his left arm for this season until he leaves in 2017 or 2018.
1994 Stadium Club Dugout Dirt Darren Daulton:  This is the back of the card.  Just read what's written on the bicep; it so of the era.
2006 Upper Deck First Pitch Diamond Stars Bobby Abreu: Somehow Abreu was still kicking around the majors last year. His power has diminished, but one thing he always had was his batting eye.  He had 8 straight seasons of 100 walks and 100 strikeouts; that seems pretty unique.
2007 Topps World Domination Ryan Howard:  Howard took his mighty bat and laid claim to the trappings of modern civilization.  With a jovial iron hand, he shall reign, where all lefty pitchers shall be relegated to the shadows of society and be forced to use only right handed scissors until they lose their ability.  Afterwards, he will go up into the troposphere and destroy all carbon atoms in his path and make it rain where it must be rained.  Yes, the rain will be made.  Then, there can be peace in this world according to the manifesto.

Thanks for the cards!


Mark Kaz said...

In regards to that Howard card, you'd think the dorks at Topps would know the proper way to display the American flag. Stars always on the left!!

(Too picky?)

The Dutch Card Guy said...

heya, could find your email anywhere so please shoot me an email so I can send you your code from the giveaway !!