Feb 19, 2013

I Caught a Draft from Shoebox Legends

Which is better?  A new car or a trade bait draft?  A cookie sandwich or a trade bait draft? A talking cactus or a trade bait draft?

If you answered a trade bait draft to all three questions, you just might be a card collector or an aspiring one.  I participated in one such trade bait draft hosted by the progenitor of the 1953 Topps project, Shoebox Legends.  There were gobs of cards to choose from, including surprise bonus rounds, from all types of athletic pursuits.

I got together with my collecting war room contingent, evaluated all the prospects in the green room, and came up cards when fit together into a card voltron will run a 4.1 40 meters, bench 350, and throw a football 80 yards....but on the downside, he will be vulnerable to rain....the cardboard does not hold together when wet.
This card is from 1910 (1910 Mecca T218 to be precise): This boxing card is now the oldest card in my collection by more than 20 years.   Known as a finesse fighter during his career, he recorded 61 wins and 8 losses.
1985-86 Topps Ron Francis:  I liked Ron Francis ever since you could combine him with Lemieux and Jagr on NHL '96.  That line was devastating....Did you know he was 4th in career points in NHL history?  Seriously, he had more than Stevie Y.
Autoed 2001 Topps Archives Jim Lonborg: I have an unofficial quest to get cards of players who were on the Phillies.  This fit the bill as a cut-up multi-player card from Topps Archives that was either signed in person or TTM.  He did win the AL Cy Young Award in 1967 during the first year that an award was offered in both league, with his only season over 200 K or >7 K/9 for a full season.  Surprisingly, he had the most career wins as a Phillie.
1962-63 Topps Murray Balfour: I know almost nothing about the Original Six era of the NHL except Montreal kept on winning the Stanley Cup.  He was a member of the Million Dollar Line with Bobby Hull (when's the last time that there were great line names like that? Legion of Doom?).  He died tragically from lung cancer at the age of 28.
2008 Goudey Sport Royalty Barry Sanders: I count this as a baseball card; it came from a Goudey set.  Even so, it's my first Barry Sanders.  When I was a young pup, my brother (of Brad's Blog) and our neighbor used to play this football game called up, up, and away.....I was older, so therefore bigger and faster at that age.  They got to choose whether I was Barry Sanders (run around them) or Christian Okoye (run over them)....I think we played because we liked to get our faces in snow.
2009 Goodwin Champions Cole Hamels Jersey:  There is nothing I don't love about this cards; it was a worthy 2nd pick.  I would like to revive the Cole Hamels blog this year, but I need to actually see him pitch. Curse you work internet connection!
2007 Sweet Spot Classic Brooks Robinson Sweet Spot Auto:  This was a worthy first pick of the draft. Someday the signature will fade completely, so it's better to capture it now.  What happened with 2007 Sweet Spot compared to other years?
2008-08 UD Rookie Materials Jakub Voracek: He was one of the pieces the Flyers got from Columbus for that Jeff Carter guy (who pulled a Vince Carter and seemed to play poorly for Columbus before getting his wish and being traded to the Kings where his buddy for life Mike Richards was playing....it worked out). You heard it here first; if the Flyers make the playoffs, this will be the top Flyers point-getter in the postseason.
2007 Ultimate Star Materials Joe Mauer: Joe Mauer is racking up a HOF career.  I did not realize he led the AL in OBP last year to add to his 3 batting (average) titles.  His power will probably never again approach is 2009 high of 28 HR.  He has 37 WAR in his career right now, and there are only three catcher with >45 WAR not in the HOF, Ted Simmons, Joe Torre, and Mike Piazza.  His peak puts him in line with Bill Dickey and Mickey Cochrane.

There were many more cards to be had as the draft stretched beyond the bounds of conventional form.....

I just finished my cookie sandwich; I am ready for another draft.


Arno said...

Sweet boxing card!

Greg Zakwin said...

great pickups!

CaptKirk42 said...

Nice stuff. I also was in that draft. I had my eye on that Sweet Spot Brooks Robinson but unfortunately I was the number 7 pick not the number 1 you were :) . Fortunately I did get a few of my top picks.

Brad's Blog said...

Good game up up and away, we should trademark it and start a league

Fuji said...

I totally used the Francis, Lemieux, and Jagr line on one of my Sega Genesis games. Great college memories.

shoeboxlegends said...

For some reason I missed this post until now, glad you liked the cards. Also I've traded a couple of times with Brad and had no idea you were brothers!