Mar 14, 2013

What Creature Lurks in the Heart of Collectors

There are many nights of dreams that both tantalize and terrify. From what I can remember, I don't usually dream in 3 dimensions; it's kind of a hybrid shadow animation type of setting. I don't t think that cards are usually involved, but I'm sure that there were instances where I was trapped in a flat 4 cornered box and then coated with two layers of plastic so that my corners would stay intact. I guess it was either that or be a part of a bicycle wheel.....

 As collectors, there are some ideas that can leave us sweating in terror or just want to lash out against injustice. Why don't we pull the cards that our collective telepathy clearly divines? Can you feel that the power of the draw of the wantlist card enables to choose our packs and boxes with ease? Use the power for good and you shall get everything you desire.....use it for evil, and well, you turn into your deepest, darkest creatures that lurk in your heart.....

The Yeti: The traditional definition of a Yeti is a hairy beast of the snow in the Himalayas that is either a) an exiled employee of Monsters, Inc or b) a traveler from Planet of the Apes.  The Yeti for all collectors is the rampant disorganization of the collection.  Do you see that pile of that cards over there?  Those are the arms of the Yeti cradling you towards a snowy avalanche of cardboard.  Don't sweat it because the Yeti can track you by the beads of sweat you leave behind on your path of chaos.  In symbiosis with the Vampire.
The Vampire: The traditional definition of the Vampire is an undead or immortal bloodsucker that either a) lives under the thrall of a giant castle in Transylvania or b) sparkles in daylight.  The vampire in the card collecting world is the manifestation of the never ending quest.  You are enthralled by the chase or the call of a set or a goal or a particular card and the hypnotic eyes of the vampire draw you in.  You don't even realize it's happening until it's too late.  Your green blood drips behind in varying pool sizes as the accumulation goal gets closer and closer.....and yet, still you thirst for more.  This will never be satiated.....and you don't have the power to turn into a bat, though your cards can live in a cave of sorts.  In contention with the Griffin for focus.
The Griffin:  The traditional definition of the Griffin is a) a winged half-lion, half-eagle creature that is fierce and honorable or b) the same looking creature that dances with lobsters.  The Griffin is the guardian of your collection and the defender of your psyche.   It is the one that will allow you to sort your collection and make it real in the sanctity of the inner collectors' sanctum.   Cards are treasures and the Griffin within protects them from UV light, little hands, evil eyes, and corner wear.  You will not abandon the collection; as it grows in value to the collector, the Griffin grows stronger.  If it replaces the Vampire in the heart, the collection will grow targeted and full of treasure.   Also can defend against the Yeti as it replaces the chaos with honorable organization.

What other creatures define the heart of the collector?  Which of these creatures fit most your style?


Ana Lu said...

I think I choose to be a Vampire Griffin. Can I?

I think we need a bit of a Vampire to keep searching and discovering more and more. And also need the Griffin to protected the oh so precious collection we gather through our Vampire moments.

Sometimes we get a bit overwhelmed and show our Yeti side. But just a little.

Great post!

Hackenbush said...

Very poetic today. I aspire to the Griffin but I fear I'm more Yeti and Vampire.