Mar 21, 2013

Group Break 2013 Idea: Panini Prizm Baseball Case

Hello intrepid readers of the card.  I have been looking around at group break possibilities and I've think I've found the one I'm looking for.

I've run only two group breaks (mostly because I don't have the time to put them together).  The one in 2011 was a success with a wide variety of boxes and participants.  The one in 2012 was also a success, though there were only 4 participants in the end due to the high buy-in (also it was almost all hits).

I think this will be a happy medium between the two.  Prizm basketball was an unqualified success and Prizm football was pretty warm received at the start. Baseball will probably be on the level of football, so it still qualifies as a "2012" product for some reason.  This means rookies of Darvish, Harper, Chen, Cespedes, etc....

There are 12 boxes per case with 20 packs per box and 6 cards per pack.  Each box gets two autos and three prizms (the chrome refractor of Panini).  There is an off-chance at a gold Prizm (#d to 10, probably 1 every 2 or 3 cases).

The checklist is a mixture of veterans, rookies, and retired players with an Elite Extra Edition insert/auto tie-in.

The slots will be by team.  I'm thinking a $25 deposit to hold down a spot, and then when the release comes next month, payment will be due in full.  The teams will be set up in tiers at the end (I haven;t yet figured out the tiers; they will be set up based on auto odds, # of cards in the checklist, etc).

Here's the link to the checklist for your perusal. Panini Prizm Checklist

Leave your interest in the comments for which team you would like and that will give you first shot at your team if the break happens.  Please don't send the deposit until I post again.  This is to gauge interest.

Spring breaks=case breaks

Who's in?

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daddyohoho said...

Would be interested in the nationals and possibly the Phil's as well.