Aug 2, 2010

2009 Topps Heritage Base Set Journey-completed

Well, the quest has ended with great assists from giveaways and trades in the sports card blogtopia. These last contributions were from Brian at Play at the Plate and Chris from Budget Baseball Cardboarding. Thank you to all those who were patient enough to trade with me.

Robinson Cano is looking sleepy and Aaron Boone is looking smug.
David Price has gone from a rookie star to an all-star starter and he's pushing the Rays to the top with the effervescent Evan Longoria
Derek Jeter is still the face of the Yankees, Alex Rios is having a renaissance this year with the White Sox, and Jay Bruce is always swinging for the fences.
This is a Geovany Soto All-star SP, Corey Hart has decided to remain with the Brew Crew, and Gavin Floyd is enjoying a breakthrough season in 2010.

As for the cards, I love the varying designs of the subsets (all-star, all-rookie team, rookies, managers, World Series, team) and though the photos are mostly portraits, nothing looks washed out or is too bright for the homage like it has in past Heritage editions (such as 2007).

Of course, I only have 4 out of 71 SPs. So those are welcome in any future trades, though I will not pursue them with much vigor.

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