Aug 24, 2010

Best Card from a Group Break I've Received? : 2005 Upper Deck Heroes Cal Ripken Jr

Thorzul of Thorzul Will Rule hosted a player-specific group break from the tins of 2005 Upper Deck Heroes, back when it was a premium brand. I chose Cal Ripken, Jr and Jimmie Foxx.

2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes details

1 tin contains 5? cards
1 SP base card (101-200)#d to 575 per tin
1 parallel #d to 199 or less per tin
game-used odds #d to 99 or less 2:3 tins
auto odds #d to 99 or less 1:3 tins

The base set is divided into sets of five for each player (including a hand painted header card) for cards 1-200. Game-used and auto cards use the same design as the base set cards, but with many, many more colored parallels.

The images tell the story.

I think this may be the nicest auto card I have received from a pack or group break in my collecting career. Hand-signed, low-numbered auto of a HOF that I respected greatly as a kid. What else can I ask for (rhetorically)?

Anyway, thanks to Thorzul for hosting the break.

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dkwilson said...

Wow! That's awesome!