Aug 28, 2010

Catching Up: Play at the Plate Contest Winner Goods

Brian at Play at the Plate holds monthly contests, and though I didn't win one of those, I did manage to win a different one by guessing which pitcher would win 10 games the fastest this season, Ubaldo Jimenez. The consensus was Roy Halladay (for good reason), but I just had an intuition back in April when the guessing occurred. In any case, check out his blog for the September contest...coming soon to a computer near you. Here are some the cards that he sent along.2002 Upper Deck MVP Scott Rolen Jersey: I;m not sure what Upper Deck was going for here. MVP usually implied a product with a lot of gaudiness, but the muted tones of the jersey design don't fit with the set motif.
2002 Fleer Authentix Scott Rolen Jersey: The mini-ticket stub (is it a replica?) is of the first series in 2002. Little did he know, it would be his last in a Phillies uniform.
2010 Topps Heritage Chase Utley AS: I love these SP AS cards unequivocally. They are also hard to obtain readily. Oh yes, and Utley is back for the stretch drive. Bring on September!
2010 Topps Heritage Jaime Moyer and 2002 Topps Gallery Carlos Silva: Two pitchers at opposite ends of the line. Moyer may have pitched his last ball in 2010 and Silva pitched his first ball in 2002 (though his last may be coming shortly as well)


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